AUTM Annual Meeting

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Ellen Ochoa: Astronaut. Inventor. Game Changer.
Former Director, Johnson Space Center
Ellen Ochoa is the first Hispanic woman ever to go in space. She’s also a brilliant inventor and only the second female Director of NASA’s Johnson Space Center—where she led the human space flight enterprise for the nation from 2013 to 2018. Speaking at the AUTM 2021 Annual meeting, Ochoa will talk about the resonant issues that have defined her historic career: What can we learn about change, innovation, and the culture of teams from her time at the upper reaches of NASA’s leadership. And what we can do—really do—to ensure that more women and minorities find a place within STEM fields. 

Keynote Featuring Professor Antwi Akom
Dr. Antwi Akom is the Director of the Social Innovation and Urban Opportunity Lab, a joint research lab between the University of California, San Francisco and San Francisco State University. Named by President Obama (2016) and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (2019) as one of world’s top innovators, Dr. Akom’s works to improve health outcomes and advance tech-equity with our nation’s most vulnerable populations by building new technologies in community and clinical settings, evaluating them, and launching across university and commercial partnerships. Rooted in community, guided by data science, and inspired by racial and social justice, Dr. Akom’s Social Innovation Lab is catalyzing a new era of data democratization, participatory health, participatory technology and precision medicine with vulnerable populations around the world.

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