Admin and Operations Track

AUTM Annual Meeting

Helping Admin Professionals Run Smarter Offices 

Administrative professionals are an essential component of a successful technology transfer office. The Annual Meeting created a special educational track for admins to get even smarter about managing your office’s IP portfolio, insuring compliance, and streamlining your office's operations.

Monday, February 21
10:45 am – 12:15 pm 

Not All Distributions Are Created Equal

On the face of it, revenue distributions seem to be basic math based on a predetermined policy. Plug in the percentages and the amounts received and...wait...what do you mean it isn't that straightforward? The inter-institutional agreement says what?! Are they an inventor or aren't they? When was that amendment effective? Join this roundtable discussion about all the little (and big) pieces involved in the revenue distribution process that may surprise you. We'll have time to discuss situations attendees have come across in their own offices. Whether it's a cautionary tale or a chance to brainstorm solutions, this will be a lively conversation.


Monday, February 21
1:45 – 3:15 pm

Leadership Tips for New Technology Transfer Supervisors

Congratulations on your promotion! What do you need to know as you move from doing the work to leading your team members as they do the work? What are the key points you should, and shouldn't, communicate? How do you give constructive feedback? A professional executive coach, together with experienced technology transfer directors, will discuss these questions and more.

Go with It: Administrative Processes and Work Flows

Each of our offices is special. While we’re all in the business of technology transfer, the way we administer things, communicate with partners and even think about concepts can differ. Join this session ready to share your standard operating proceedures and workflows and learn how other offices tackle similar situations and agreements.


Monday, February 21
4 – 5:30 pm 

Accounting in Technology Transfer Offices

Join us to discuss the accounting and finance issues we tackle in tech transfer offices. Topics will include distributions, accounts receivables, royalty sharing agreements, computer systems, equity holdings, interfacing with inventors and legal expenses. Your knowledge may help someone else tackle challenges and opportunities in their office. We‘ll share our ideas and promote our successes.


Tuesday, February 22
8:30 – 9:45 am 

Curveballs: Overcoming the Unexpected in TT Operations

Sometimes the trickiest situations lead to the best stories. Join a panel of experienced operations professionals as they share tales of strength, determination, ingenuity, and not a small amount of stubbornness. Our collective operations community is always good for an illuminating story or two to help us approach challenges. Attendees will have an opportunity to present challenges that they’re facing.


Tuesday, February 22
4 – 5:15 pm 

How Your Database Can Help with Bayh-Dole Compliance

Over the last few years, intellectual property databases, like Inteum and Sophia, have improved the compliance process and made it easier to manage your reportable items into iEdison with the click of a button. Join us to learn more.


Wednesday, February 23
9 – 10:15 am 

Risk Analysis and Management: A Vital Key to Effective Office Management

University tech transfer team members at various levels identify and handle risks in different ways. However, this is less effective without a structured risk management framework. Instituting a formal practice ensures conscious and focused risk identification and management; enhances operational effectiveness with the least amount of deviations or surprise; effectively communicates issues to all stakeholders; and acts as an effective team building tool. This session highlights the success of early risk identification and management with a presentation of the process followed at the Technology Commercialization Office at The Ohio State University.

Using Financial Resources: Insights from AUTM Data

Research institutions incurred nearly $2.6 billion in patent expenses from 2012 through 2018, according to the AUTM Licensing Activity Survey. But less than half of those expenses were reimbursed. Analyzing the AUTM data reveals interesting commonalities and differences in performance. Insights from the data might also have universities consider retasking their financial resources to increase their licensing efficiency. We’ll discuss these trends as well as strategies for universities to maximize the impact of resources allocated to their TTOs.


Wednesday, February 23
10:30 – 11:45 am 

The Death of the University TTO in the United States

The evolution of the technology transfer profession has grown rapidly since the advent of the Bayh-Dole Act more than 40 years ago. Patenting and licensing transactions have made room for business development, entrepreneurship, and economic development. In earlier years, tech transfer offices (TTOs) were able to accomodate these "fringe activities" due to their ability to quickly and effectively execute transactions. Today, the emergence of corporate engagement offices, entrepreneurship programs, and other units coupled with the increasing demand for return on investment seem to be having deeper impacts on small and medium TTOs. Attendees of this session will have the opportunity to hear and voice their views on the harsh realities that face the TTOs of today, and the profession of university technology transferas a whole.


Wednesday, February 23
1 – 2:15 pm 

Framework for Measuring Innovation Impact in Hospital Academic Settings

Conducting research and innovation in an academic hospital setting presents challenges and opportunities to make a significant impact on the patients.. In this session, the team from Children's National Hospital in Washington, DC will describe their methodology used to assess the DNA of every funded research project. Their approach created an objective picture of funded research that offers high potential for commercialization and creates an immediate positive impact on patient care in their hospital.

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