Michael Schade

Michael Schade, JD, CLP

Senior Counsel for Research, Innovation, and Corporate Partnerships
University of Oklahoma

Candidate Biography

I am currently Senior Counsel for Research, Innovation, and Corporate Partnerships at the University of Oklahoma, duly reporting to both the General Counsel and the Vice President for Research and Corporate Partnerships.  In this role, I am responsible for the oversight of the University's intellectual property portfolio, as well as the review of any and all commercialization efforts and contracts associated therewith. We have been incredibly successful in our commercialization and research efforts, having doubled research expenditures from the previous fiscal year.  Prior to returning to the University, I was the Transactional and Licensing Practice Group Leader for a nationwide, boutique intellectual property law firm headquartered in Oklahoma City.  Clients ranged anywhere from Fortune 50 companies to start-ups and I very much enjoyed providing strategic advice to both. 

I have always been an intrinsically motived individual, having excelled academically, which afforded me the opportunity to participate in exciting projects, such as the Human Genome Project through the Advanced Center for Genomic Technology, partcipation as a student clerk for a the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals, and as an intern for the United States Attorney's Office for the Western District of Oklahoma.  I am perpetually intrigued by the juxtaposition of science and law, which is what has led to me to a career in intellectual property and management. 

Candidate Q&A

What experience do you have working on or with a strategic Board of Directors? 

  1. President and Chairman, Firehouse Arts Center
  2. Member of the Norman United Way Board of Directors (32 person BoD)
  3. Routine interfacing with the Board of Regents (governing board of the University of Oklahoma) 

Please include a brief description of your volunteer experiences within AUTM. 


Why do you want to join the AUTM Board of Directors? 

I have always had a desire to serve and I have tangentially been involved with AUTM through my role as a technology transfer administrator. As the leading industry organization, I would like to be more hands on and involved in the future direction of the organization. 

Have you served in a volunteer leadership role for other organizations? If so, please explain. 

  1. President and Chairman, Firehouse Arts Center
  2. Member of the Norman United Way Board of Directors (32 person BoD)
  3. Routine interfacing with the Board of Regents (governing board of the University of Oklahoma)
All of these roles have been volunteer roles. 

If elected by the Membership to the Board, would you consider serving as Chair? Please explain. 

Yes, although this is a tall glass of water and I would want the opportunity to serve in other regards to familiarize myself with the ins-and-outs and needs of AUTM before committing to do so. 

Please share personal strengths that you believe would be valuable to the AUTM Board and/or the strategic direction of the Association. 

I am highly motivated, gregarious, and easy to work with. I respect all opinions and input but also know that at the end of the day, the strategic vision of the organization must be fulfilled in a timely manner. Moreover, having been in this industry for over 15 years, I believe I have a firm understanding of the technology transfer, legal, and intellectual property issues facing AUTM. 

What special experience do you have in driving and implementing a strategic plan? 

I have led membership drives, capital campaigns, and community outreach initiatives all in efforts to fulfill certain pillars associated with the respective organizations' strategic plans and initiatives. 

How do terms of  the position (both responsibilities and time commitment) fit with your other responsibilities? Will you have any conflicts of commitment between your full-time position and your volunteer time on the AUTM Board? 

I see no impediments to fulfilling my potential responsibilities and time commitments to the AUTM Board and I do not have any conflicts of commitment. 

AUTM is committed to addressing issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion both on the Board and on behalf of our Members. Briefly describe how your experiences can contribute to the Association’s growth in this area. 

My experience at the University of Oklahoma has well positioned me in this area and I currently work with teams that include persons from every gender, faith, race, nationality, and socioeconomic background. I thoroughly enjoy working with such a diverse team and I sincerely believe the output or work product is better for having such broad level of participation. I would think that AUTM would continue to benefit as well from this philosophy. 

Advocacy for the innovation ecosystem is something AUTM has promoted recently.  How do you think AUTM should continue to be involved? 

I think AUTM should continue to be involved at the highest level, utilizing its collective platform to shine light on industry needs to maximize the impact of the innovation ecosystem (i.e., resources such as funding, "on-the-ground" participants (both individuals and entities), and access to marketplace leaders, such as company licensees and corporate/angel/private equity/and VC funding sources. The recent passing of the CHIPS Act is a sign that the ecosystem is ripe for growth and expansion and AUTM should, in my opinion, be at the forefront of leading this charge. 

Is there anything else you would like AUTM Members to know about you before they vote? 

I am a bit ashamed for having not been involved in AUTM prior to now, but I am very much looking forward to the opportunity to participate and serve.