Strategic Plan

Making a Better World: AUTM's 2022-2024 Strategic Plan

Vision: An inclusive and collaborative community that advances innovation for a better world
Mission: To support and advance knowledge/technology transfer worldwide
Values: AUTM believes:

  • That integrity is key to an honest, transparent, open, ethical, and equitable work environment.
  • That we are a connected, diverse, and inclusive community that enables Members to freely share knowledge and support to strengthen innovation ecosystems.
  • That the work of our Members is vital for our changing world.
  • That ongoing professional development is critical to continued excellence in the field of knowledge/technology transfer

Our Strategic Goals

  Goal 1: Educate and Empower (Educate) Those who engage with AUTM acquire the knowledge, tools, training, and shared connections they need to be successful.
  • Design and Create: Standardize AUTM educational and training content and experiment with additional delivery mechanisms.
    • Expanded training offerings that include other development.
    • Career pathway development.
    • Partner with other organizations for AUTM adjacent expertise.
  • Evaluate/Enhance: Identify AUTM Member needs and provide educational content specific to all levels of experience within AUTM. Develop segmented educational materials reflective of Membership needs considering time in the profession, geographical location, and specific needs for special communities.

Goal 2: Advocate Internally and Externally (Promote) —  AUTM is the trusted voice of knowledge/technology transfer to promote the societal impact and value of research commercialization.

  • Increase understanding and visibility of knowledge/technology transfer to senior leadership within not-for-profit research, industry, and government.
  • Communicate with Members by providing up-to-date information on current/important topics and critical legislation (e.g. Bayh-Dole Act).
  Goal 3: Increase Engagement (Connect) — AUTM connects professionals throughout the knowledge/technology transfer ecosystem to achieve success.
  • Expand industry participation (beyond just biotech) and develop a broader view of partnering (beyond just patent licensing).
  • Provide opportunities to engage with others in the AUTM community, especially with AUTM leadership and industry partners.
  Goal 4: Grow an Inclusive Ecosystem (Include) —  AUTM expands the knowledge/tech transfer community to include broad and diverse perspectives globally.
  • Identify new knowledge/technology transfer stakeholders to join AUTM and invite them to participate in building the ecosystem (industry, government, economic development, investor groups, VPR’s, non-U.S. companies).
  • Promote equity, diversity, and inclusion across the breadth of AUTM.