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Making the Most of Industry Partnerships

MicrosoftTeams-image.pngIn the world of tech transfer, networking and making connections with industry partners is essential to develop lasting partnerships. When new networks are created, they foster the exchange of ideas and long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

With events such as the AUTM Partnering Forums and Connect and Collaborate, AUTM Members can be more proactive in their search for potential partner companies while also receiving valuable intel on upcoming company needs. For example, the upcoming Oncology Partnering Forum is a unique opportunity for tech transfer managers to meet with so many scouts in one, show off their discoveries, and learn about pipeline prospects.

AUTM recently sat down with Lauren Nguyen-Antczak, Senior Technology Transfer Manager for the National Cancer Institute to discuss the upcoming Oncology Partnering Forum, industry, and academia collaboration opportunities, and what the future of oncology research looks like.

“There is sometimes a disconnect between a tech transfer office and potential company partners when it comes to aligning development goals,” said Nguyen-Antczak. “An event like this helps to bridge the divide as oncology alliance managers will be sharing intel on their discovery pipelines, current scouting priorities, and processes for vetting academic technologies.”

One focus of the event will be a panel discussion on Partnering in the Immuno-Oncology Landscape. According to Nguyen-Antczak, Immuno-Oncology (I-O) is a newer modality of research with the focus being on using the body’s own immune system to fight cancer and moving away from more traditional toxins used to kill cancer cells. Several I-O agents recently obtained product approvals indicating strong investment appetite to develop even more I-O agents.

“The industry partners present have already identified oncology as a funding focus and they’ve doubled-down their financial commitment to growing this area of research,” said Nguyen-Antczak.

In addition to the Oncology Partnering Forum, AUTM is hosting the Fall 2022 Virtual Connect and Collaborate. This is an opportunity for companies to engage with academia through virtual networking. Back for its third year, the event allows tech transfer industry representatives to share the projects they are currently pursuing, but also gives the representatives time to explain their collaboration process.

Moderated by Rubén Flores-Saaib from General Inception, Connect and Collaborate features a panel discussion followed by breakout room networking opportunities.

While virtual, both the Oncology Partnering Forum and Connect and Collaborate are set up to serve as segways for the AUTM Annual Meeting in Austin in February 2023 where the conversation can be continued in person and collaboration partnerships can be developed even further.

“If this event, or Oncology is not your thing, speak up,” said Nguyen-Antczak. “The Oncology Partnering Forum only came about because Members voiced their desire for this event and the content included. Think about key focuses in your own technology transfer office and what a similar event could help you with.”

The Oncology Partnering Forum is generously sponsored by the Federal Laboratory Consortium.