Let AUTM Help You Meet Your Professional Resolutions
Volume 3, Issue 1 — January 13, 2021

You’ve either made a resolution or are still trying to pin one down. This year is all about recovering from the disruptions of the last, so it’s more important than ever to dive deep professionally so you don’t get left behind. Whether you want to get connected, involved, learn more, or grow in your career, use the handy 2021 Professional Resolutions Tool we've created to help make it happen:

Get Connected
  • Search the AUTM Member Directory (by name or institution) and start networking today
  • Seek advice or share your expertise in our popular eGroup conversations
Get Deals Done
  • Take AIM at more than 22,000 technologies available for licensing. The AUTM Innovation Marketplace makes it easy to match industry and university research partners.
Get a Job
  • Post a job, your resume, or look for work in the AUTM Career Center
Get Recognized
  • Share your commercialization success stories in the Better World Project. Your story could qualify for the next Better World Project Award!
Get Involved Get Personal
  • Attend any of AUTM’s Region Meetings, or go to our signature Annual Meeting
    • Members get reduced rates! Pro Tip: Renew your Membership before signing up to receive the lower rate.
Get Ahead Get Stats
  • Measure your success with one of AUTM's most popular and widely distributed publications, the Licensing Survey 
    • See all the past survey results in our searchable, exportable database of more than 20 years of academic licensing data in the STATT database
Get Informed Get Pointers
  • Need more guidance about any of the above? Just email, or call us at +1-202-960-1800. We’re here for you.
Top Reasons to Get Excited For #AUTM2021
Volume 3, Issue 3 — February 10, 2021

The AUTM virtual Annual Meeting is just one month away, and we have SO much planned for you! Read on for some major news about what to expect, and register ASAP so you don't miss out on any of it!

All The Networking You Can Handle: We know your favorite part of the AUTM Annual Meetings is the ability to meet your colleagues and potential partners. We are going to have so many ways to do that at #AUTM2021!

AUTM Connect: The online partnering tool to meet and schedule a time with other attendees before or after the Annual Meeting event. Match with others based on mutual interests, and export lists of contacts including technologies, companies, and attendees. More than 9,000 meetings were requested this way last year! Available mid-February. Learn More 
Ad Hoc Video Meetings: Take the impromptu coffees and happy hours virtual! During the four days of the AUTM Annual Meeting, the virtual platform will offer you the ability to meet face-to-face with one (or dozens) of other attendees — all without having to leave the platform where you'll view the Annual Meeting sessions. Set up your own meetings when it suits you on those days, with your own video meeting link. It's up to you.
Connect & Collaborate: It's your go-to source for information about industry, technologies that interest them, and how best to partner with them. Visit the Center to do your homework on industry partners attending the Meeting. Decide which companies are the best collaborative fit for your innovation before scheduling a meeting or connecting at the Networking Workshop.
  • You’re invited! Dedicated Connect and Collaborate Networking Workshop, March 16 (Tuesday) 3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. ET: Meet face-to-face on the Meeting platform at this breakout session designed for academia and industry to connect and share current projects.
VCs Talk Back:
Thursday, March 18 11:30 am ET  
Hear from VCs on how to create win-win outcomes when they work with TTOs to launch world-changing startups. You’ll get an overview of the key issues in university startup term sheets, best practices for structuring equity, royalties, and milestones, common points of friction around sublicensing, know-how royalties and diligence, and other recommendations. Check out the top-notch speakers!

International Connection Hour:
March 17
(Wednesday), 8 a.m. - 9 a.m. ET
  • Join this early morning session to network with global attendees via video and discuss topics of interest in your part of the world.

Partnering Forums:
March 18
(Thursday) 1:00 p.m.- 2:00 p.m. ET
AUTM Partnering Forums are unique opportunities for technology transfer and licensing specialists from universities and research institutions to connect with their counterparts in business development and investment within focused tech sectors. Join us for an industry panel discussion followed by networking.
  • Partnering and Funding Models to Advance Innovation in Animal Health
  • Physical and Computer Sciences Panel
Roundtables: Open Discussions
Over four days, more than 25 sessions based on topic or business specialty will help you connect live and face-to-face over video with fellow attendees. Get all the details and choose your sessions here:
  • March 15 (Monday) 2:15 p.m.- 3:00 p.m.ET
  • March 16 (Tuesday) 12:15 p.m.- 1:00 p.m. ET
  • March 17 (Wednesday) 12:15 p.m.- 1:00 p.m.and 3:00 p.m.- 3:45 p.m. ET
Forward-Thinking Speakers: 
  • Ellen Ochoa: Astronaut. Inventor. Game Changer. Ellen Ochoa is the first Hispanic woman ever to go into space. She’s also a brilliant inventor and only the second female Director of NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Hear her thoughts on change, innovation, the culture of teams, and what can be done to ensure that more women and minorities find a place within the tech transfer industry. Meet Ellen
  • Dr. Antwi Akom: Professor Antwi Akom is the Director of the Social Innovation and Urban Opportunity Lab — a joint research lab between UCSF and SFSU. He has an extensive background in building collaborative, community-facing technology projects and new models of urban innovation that help cities become smarter, more equitable, just and sustainable. Meet Antwi
  • Daren Tang: Daren Tang, Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), began his six-year mandate in October. Prior to his appointment, he served as Chief Executive of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS), driving the strategic transformation of IPOS in support of Singapore’s innovation-based economy. Tang has just the global perspective that our Annual Meeting attendees value. During their conversation, he and AUTM CEO Steve Susalka will discuss a wide-range of topics in an hour full of insights.  Meet Daren
It’s so much more than a Zoom meeting: With a lobby, virtual swag bag, gamification, and more networking opportunities than you’ll have hours for, AUTM's virtual Annual Meeting takes you way beyond another Zoom session.

FUN! Hello. It wouldn’t be an AUTM Annual Meeting without FUN! And we are bringing it this year in a big way: Trivia. Games. Earn points and win prizes. Connect with your awesome colleagues. Plus, more special features to be announced!

Bonus: Sponsorship and Exhibit Opportunities: Take your organization's networking to the next level by tapping into our diverse attendee list of tech transfer influencers and decision makers. Annual Meeting sponsors and exhibitors dramatically increase their brand visibility among thousands of tech transfer professionals, researchers and intellectual property experts from around the world. Work with AUTM to create a virtual sponsorship and exhibit package tailored to meet your budget and objectives. Contact Casey Annunziata, Sponsors and Exhibit Manager, at cannunziata@autm.net today!

Nine Reasons to Register For #AUTM2021
Volume 3, Issue 5 — March 10, 2021

We’re excited to welcome you to AUTM’s first virtual Annual Meeting. There’s so much in store to help you connect, empower your career, and close deals. The platform opens tomorrow, March 11, so there’s no more time to wait. Click here to register. You’ll be glad you did.
  1. AUTM Connect: Our official online partnering tool opens tomorrow — only to Annual Meeting attendees. It’s where you’ll connect with potential partners. Register, then log in and request meetings ASAP, before fellow attendees' available time slots fill. 
  2. Easy-to-Use Virtual Platform: The event is hosted on an easy-to-access platform on your desktop or in an app, all through AUTM Connect. There’s even a virtual lobby where you'll find all the Meeting's offerings.
  3. A Chock-Full Schedule: World-class keynotes. An international perspective from WIPO’s General Director. The popular VCs Talk Back panel. There more than 60 sessions to choose from. Be inspired, learn, and return to work invigorated. Download the full schedule.
  4. The Lounge, Powered by Remo: Pop into The Lounge throughout the Meeting and join virtual tables to chat, network, and make deals.
  5. Dozens of Networking Opportunities: From AUTM Connect to Connect & Collaborate, you’ll have many opportunities to find those industry/academia connections you love about AUTM’s Annual Meetings. Click here to see all that’s available.
  6. Games and Prizes: AUTM has ‘gamified’ the virtual platform, meaning you’ll earn points (and maybe one of three top prizes) for things like updating your profile, visiting certain areas of the site and viewing sessions, and more.
  7. Gear to Show Off Tech Transfer: Mask? Check. Sweet t-shirt? Check. Not wondering what to wear next week? Priceless. Get your Annual Meeting outfit and show your pride in our profession by visiting our gear page.
  8. Sponsors & Exhibits: Just like our in-person Annual Meetings, the virtual platform has sponsor and exhibitor booths, showcasing products & services useful to tech transfer professionals. You can even schedule a time to meet with them for more information. Get a sneak peek of who will be there by visiting our Sponsors and Exhibitors lists.
  9. One Year to Watch: Registrants can access recordings of most sessions until March 8, 2022. Meaning you can catch all the concurrent sessions you’d miss in-person, and go back and watch your favorites at any time for a year. How cool is that?
Have a question about the Meeting we didn’t touch on here? Check out our FAQ page.
Get to Know the Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC)
Volume 3, Issue 7 — April 7, 2021
In 2019, AUTM was awarded a 5-year, $16 million grant to support the Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) and work together to improve the opportunities for, and impact of, federal laboratory technology transfer. The FLC was formally chartered by the Federal Technology Transfer Act of 1986 to promote and strengthen technology transfer nationwide.
Get to know our FLC friends better in this month’s List:

AUTM Region Meeting Trivia
Volume 3, Issue 9 — May 5, 2021

Our region meetings are known for their trivia, so we thought this year we’d bring it to you virtually. See the answers below in orange.

  1. What are AUTM's four Regions?
    • Canada, Central, Eastern, Western
  2. Where was the last in-person AUTM Region Meeting held (in which region, city and state)? Bonus points if you name the hotel and dates!
    • Eastern. Raleigh, NC; Oct. 3-4, 2019; Raleigh Marriott City Center
  3. Name the Region for each of these cities:
      • Eastern
      • Central
      • Western
      • Canada
  4. What are the dates of each of the 2021 Region Meetings?
    • Canada: May 10-11
    • Central: July 20-22
    • Eastern: Sept. 30 - Oct. 1
    • Western: Oct. 6-7
  5. Are this year’s Region Meetings going to be in-person or virtual?
    • Virtual
  6. Do you have to live in a Region to attend its Meeting?
    • No! All are welcome to register and join in the learning and networking.
  7. Do you have to be an AUTM Member to attend the Region Meetings?
    • Trick question :) This is the same answer as above.
  8. What is the web page to find links for all the 2021 AUTM Region Meetings?
    • autm.net/events/region-meetings

Benefits of Purchasing the 2021 Annual Meeting Recordings
Volume 3, Issue 11 — June 2, 2021

If you have the desire and drive to get ahead, particularly during a time of great change, we have an amazing opportunity for you. As AUTM’s Annual Meeting was held virtually this year, we recorded all of the sessions, which means you can still buy access and watch them at your convenience. Here are great reasons to do that:
Grow Your Professional Development All Year: For one year, you can watch 60 educational sessions and roundtables in the latest on tech transfer. These excellent professional development training sessions will put you head and shoulders above your colleagues.
Join in the Networking - exclusive to 2021! We’ve kept networking open, so you can jump into ongoing conversations and find your next dealmaking partners. Download lists of the speakers and attendees, then reach out to those who’d be a great fit for your next partnership. 
Learn at your own pace - in your own time zone! If you’re not in the Eastern Time Zone, no worries. You’ll be able to play the recordings whenever works best for you. Plus, each session includes an English transcript. 
There’s no better value or opportunity if you work in tech transfer. 60 sessions plus networking for only . You’ll be able to watch the Ellen Ochoa Keynote, the AUTM CEO Welcome Address, the always-popular VCs Talk Back Panel, and the Studio Interview with WIPO Director General Daren Tang. 
Plus, enjoy 2021’s hottest sessions: 
  • The Dilemma of Software Inventions and Associated Data in the Age of AI
  • Roundtable Discussion: Healthcare Data: The New Form of Intellectual Property
  • Roundtable Discussion: University Start-up License Packages: Favorable Deal Terms and Business Development Support
  • Flex Your Soft Power: Impact from Social Sciences
  • Bio2Bio: Biodiversity for Survival via Biomedicine
Have one on us! We know the sessions are great and we want you to know too. So enjoy this one on us. If you like it, there are 59 more available if you purchase the recordings.
Office-wide packages are available. All your colleagues can join in and compare notes. Viewing party, anyone? Please contact AUTM Professional Development Director Barb Gunderson at bgunderson@autm.net for more details.