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AUTM Annual Meeting

Training at All Levels on the Hottest Topics

The AUTM Annual Meeting is organized and developed by experienced technology transfer professionals who represent a range of institutions — large, small, public and private universities, industry representatives, government agencies and hospitals and research institutions. Your colleagues work hard to ensure that the AUTM Annual Meeting includes timely, relevant sessions to help you succeed in technology transfer.

The training you receive at the AUTM Annual Meeting can help you prepare for increased responsibility or even your next position. 

2019 Add-On Courses

(Additional fees, meals included, seating limited)
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AUTM Demystifying I-Corps for Technology Transfer
To date, the I-Corps program has helped hundreds of university teams identify viable opportunities for commercialization. The outcomes are today enabling stronger relationships with faculty and reducing the friction experienced getting technologies out the door. Some technology transfer offices have adopted new licensing models to accelerate the process. I-Corps methodologies in customer discovery and unearthing the technology's value proposition are also aiding in the intake and evaluation process. This course offers an overview of the I-Corps program, tips for building and supporting I-Corps teams, and strategies for utilizing the I-Corps methods for IP evaluation.

  1. I-Corps overview –- How it works and who funds it  
  2. I-Corps team building – The role of TTOs in building a diverse and inclusive pipeline
  3. Panel: Reflections from past I-Corps teams    
  4. By the Numbers –  I-Corps data and impact metrics
  5. Mapping I-Corps to TTO's –  From customer discovery to licensing best practices
  6. Panel: Beyond I-Corps - how to manage the go/no-go, investors and spinoffs
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AUTM Marketing Course
Before you can discuss a patent with an inventor or negotiate a license for a technology, you need to bring those audiences to the table to start the conversation about your products or services. And getting them in the door is what branding and marketing are all about.

This course offers a view into the importance and impact of results-driven marketing strategies that you can start applying right away. 

In this one-day, intensive session, instructors cover a full-range of topics, including: 
  • An overview of marketing and branding concepts
  • Strategies for branding the technology transfer office
  • Practices for marketing individual technologies
  • Planning, executing and measuring marketing effectiveness 
Through presentations, stories and hands-on group work, you will return to your office with the start of a branding and marketing plan tailored to fit your organization’s needs and goals.
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AUTM Managing Influences in Negotiations Course
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Whether you work for a university or within industry, licensing and other corporate engagement professionals are subject to internal and external pressures that influence their ability to negotiate effectively. This new course will provide perspectives into the art and science of negotiations. It will examine these influences, and addresses ways to minimize their effect, or use them to advantage success. It will provide an opportunity for attendees to introspectively explore their own negotiation style and identify personal strengths and weaknesses.  

Organizational spheres of influence will be examined to understand the goals and expectations of various stakeholders (senior leadership, supervisors, colleagues, inventors, and the local business community) with an eye toward balancing orthogonal stakeholder interests and influences in the course of a negotiation. Attendees will consider ways to effectively negotiate with their counterparts even when they possess different negotiation styles and organizational influences. The course concludes with techniques for dealing with difficult people and difficult situations.  
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AUTM Start-up Business Development Course
Start-ups are a key mechanism through which university researchers can make a societal and economic impact on the world. However, nearly 75 percent of start-ups fail in the first five years. This course will guide technology managers and start-up team supporters on how to maximize a start-up’s odds for success. Topics include facilities, funding, mentors, programs and policies. This day of interactive speakers and panels is designed for both newcomers just starting out and veterans who want to scale their efforts for increased impact. Join us for content-rich topics and collaborative discussions to learn how you can effect change and support start-ups at your institution. 
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AUTM Technology Valuation Course
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Our Technology Valuation Course offers the fundamentals as specifically applied to academic licensing. The first half of the course examines concepts such as valuation versus pricing and risk, and then covers a series of valuation methodologies, including cost, industry standards (comparables), rules of thumb, discounted cash flow and equity. The first segment concludes with a review of payment structures within a license. 

The second half of the course consists of two real-world case studies. The class will be divided into groups to develop license term proposals for the two technologies that will be discussed by the class. If you have, or will have, responsibility for negotiating licenses, the Valuation Course is for you. You should have a basic familiarity with the structure and payment mechanisms used in a license and be proficient in web searching and Excel spreadsheets. As a prerequisite to the course, attendees will have access to the Technology Valuation four-part series webinar package, a $525 value. 
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AUTM/LES CLP Exam Review Course
Sunday, February 10
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
(separate registration required with LES - Click here to register)

The CLP Exam Review Course prepares you for the CLP exam. Taught by experienced CLP-certified professionals, the course emphasizes the eight CLP domains and the practice exam questions. The one-day review also includes access to the Virtual Knowledge Community, which provides more than 12 hours of content preparation, collaborative groups, interactive quizzes, discussion forums and expert faculty Q&A. Advance registration is required through the Licensing Executives Society (USA and Canada) Inc.

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