Monetizing TTO data – Get more from your data.

Monetize your TTO data. There are three approaches TTOs can deploy to monetize their data: cost reduction, lead generation and audience engagement. The commercialization process generates hundreds of datapoints your team can monetize to enhance interactions within your innovation ecosystem. TTOs often operate on lean budgets while being a major revenue source for research universities and institutions. Operations professionals learn how to add value to your TTO, whether capturing industry feedback from marketing data, enhancing patent prosecution strategy using compliance data, and more, using AUTM University’s core report outlines. Join us at September’s AUTM University to learn more!

Technology transfer is a learned art.
Whether you’re just starting out in the field or have 10 years under your belt, as the profession evolves, there’s always more to know to be competitive. The 2022 Operations & Compliance Course will have educational sessions designed to help you learn the essentials, more nuanced techniques or for sharing your expertise with others to support our changing profession. If you’re interested in being better at your job, AUTM has you covered.

Face-to-face partnering is invaluable.
Operations and Compliance Course attendees have three days to interact with industry and academic counterparts..

See the big picture.
With informed speakers and colleagues from different types of organizations, the Operations and Compliance Course is the perfect place to expand your perspectives with intel to make your office even more efficient and impactful.