Managing Conflict

2021 Managing Conflict Virtual Course

January 12-13, 2021
Noon – 4 p.m. EST / 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. CST / 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. PST
Online Virtual Event
Instructor: Anne Hawkins

$395 AUTM Members / $545 Non-Members
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This course is limited to 30 attendees.

Those who embrace conflict can build understanding and better relationships—and experience greater personal and professional success. But managing conflict is not easy. In this workshop, you'll discover your own emotional triggers and learn how to manage difficult encounters with diplomacy, tact, and credibility.

This NEW 2-day virtual course is designed for tech transfer office directors and managers. Join other technology transfer professionals in this small cohort to explore conflict resolution strategies. You will discuss situations with others who understand your challenges. You will form a strong support system within this group of fellow classmates.

If you have questions about the course, email Barbara Gunderson, Professional Development Director. 

Who Should Attend:
TTO directors and managers who want to enhance their ability to deal with conflict situations productively.
How You Will Benefit / What You Will Learn:
  • Build trust and credibility with colleagues and team members
  • Leverage potential conflict situations as opportunities for critical conversations that enhance work relationships
  • Gain confidence in holding difficult conversations calmly and assertively
  • Manage conflict situations proactively
  • Increase your effectiveness in managing conflict
  • See an uptick in overall performance
What You Will Cover:
  • Getting a handle on and gaining insights into your conflict management style through self-assessment (TKI®)
  • Role playing to practice techniques and new skills in a safe environment
  • Sharing of best practices for approaching conflict management
  • Transferring your learning back to your work environment using job aids and other resources
Virtual Learning:
  • Get real-time, instructor-led learning and engagement with other participants
  • Apply skills in exercises and virtual breakout groups
  • Learn in highly interactive delivery formats via the Zoom platform

Core Topics Covered:

Learning Objectives
• Identify Your Own Conflict Patterns and Emotional Triggers
• Understand the Five Stages of Conflict
• Learn How You Can Move Beyond Conflict to Find Meaningful Resolution
• Explore Different Conflict Resolution Strategies
• Develop the Skills Required to Navigate Through Difficult and Defensive
• Practice Working Through Conflict Scenarios to Build Your Confidence

Developing Conflict Awareness
• Distinguish Between a Disagreement and a Conflict
• Identify the Signs of a Conflict
• Manage Your Emotional Reaction in a Conflict Situation

Modes of Managing Conflict
• Choose the Appropriate Conflict Management Approach for Any Situation
• Understand Your Own Conflict Style
• Follow the AEIOU Model to Diffuse a Tense Situation

Responding to Conflict
• Communicate Assertively Without Eliciting Defensiveness from the Other Person
• Constructively Disagree with Others

Handling Difficult Conversations
• Select Appropriate Language to Clearly Express Your Ideas
• Plan for Difficult Conversations in a Way That Focuses on Achieving the Results You Desire
• Prepare for Potential Barriers During Difficult Conversations
• Effectively Execute a Difficult Situation
• Set Goals for Applying Your New Skills to Your Own Real-Life Situations


Meet Your Instructor

Ann-hawkins.pngAnne Hawkins is a consultant specializing in organizational and leadership development. As a strategic planner, applied anthropologist, and trainer, she works with all levels of organizations in identifying and aligning business practices that create success.
With more than 20 years’ experience, Anne has held management positions with private- and public sector organizations. For 15 years, she worked as a management consultant for a university-based consulting organization. Currently, she is the director of learning and development for Leadership and Management Resources. She provides services in group facilitation, negotiation skills, management development, critical thinking, goal setting, meeting management, conflict resolution, leadership development and executive coaching, as well as mentoring and succession planning, coaching and counseling, communication skills, and interpersonal skills for technical and nontechnical professionals.