Early Stage Pipelines

Developing the Early Stage Pipeline of Professionals

December 10 (Thursday)
Noon - 1:30 p.m. EST

Raja Krishnan, MBA – University of Kentucky
Leslie Oster, JD – Northwestern University
Renee Landers, JD – Suffolk University
Mickie Piatt, JD – Illinois Institute of Technology
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What It's All About
Hiring managers, STEM professionals, and recent graduates looking to enter licensing and intellectual property management, this one's for you! Learn about innovative Masters-level law programs as an avenue for recruiting field-ready talent for licensing positions at universities. Interdisciplinary training in science, law and business for professionals or recent graduates plays a valuable role in preparing them for positions in licensing and intellectual property management and helps them advance their careers.
Using three top-notch programs as examples, you’ll learn about the value and just how they prepare students for the licensing profession. These programs include MS in Law at Northwestern University Law School, MS in Law: Life Sciences at Suffolk University, and Master of IP Management & Markets.
The panelists will share success stories and aspects of each of the programs and illustrate how students are learning real-world applications.