Agreements and Disclosures

Agreements and Disclosures: A Five-Webinar Series

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Thursdays, Jan. 13 - Feb. 10
12:00 PM – 1:15 PM ET
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Jan. 13: Collaborative Research Agreements
  • Brian Doigan, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  • Nidhi Sabharwal, The Rockefeller University

This webinar will go over the basics of collaboration agreements between academic institutions, as well as those between academia and industry. We will discuss the different flavors of collaborations, including funding arrangements, and will highlight how the nature of the collaboration affects your institution’s posture on certain terms. We will touch on several agreement provisions, including publication, financial, and foreground and background intellectual property terms. Join us for an interactive session to unfold several mechanics of these agreements.

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Jan. 20: Data Transfer Agreements
  • Diana Boeglin, The University of Chicago
  • Chris Martin, Rutgers

In this session, the fundamentals of Data Transfer and Use Agreements will be discussed. This session will compare and explain the similarities and differences between Data Transfer and Use Agreements with Material Transfer Agreements. Also, the session will discuss what the providing party should consider before sharing data with the recipient party. Lastly, the speakers will discuss and review common terms and provisions found in Data Transfer and Use Agreements. The objective of this session is to educate the attendees on the processes commonly observed in the sharing of data, and to acquaint the attendees on fundamental Data Transfer and Use Agreements terms and conditions.

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Jan. 27: Material Transfer Agreements
  • Robert Brown, LSU
  • Shemaila Sultana, Rutgers

This session will dive into the nuances of Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) and will present various tactics for managing and negotiating MTAs with particular emphasis on non-standard terms and ways to address them. This course will also focus on unique issues involving label licenses and human materials.

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Feb. 3: Inter-Institutional Agreements
  • Malcolm Townes, St. Louis University

Inter-institutional agreements (IIAs) are ubiquitous and tend to be viewed as simple commonplace administrative agreements between universities or research institutions. This webinar will highlight some of the risks associated with IIAs that can arise even under the most amicable collaborative relationships.

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Feb. 10: Confidential Disclosures
  • Julie Kelley, Translational Genomics Research Institute
  • Jenna Trimboli, The Rockefeller University

This Confidential Disclosures webinar will discuss the benefits of Confidentiality (Non-Disclosure) Agreements to both institutions and researchers. We will also discuss when such agreements are necessary, what terms and information should be included in the agreement, and other best practices for execution of these agreements.

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