Technology Transfer Fellowships: Harnessing Today's Talent, 
Developing Tomorrow's Leaders 

Technology Transfer Fellowships: Harnessing Today's 
Talent, Developing Tomorrow's Leaders 

May 18 (Tuesday)
10:00 – 11:15 AM EST
FREE for Members and Non-Members; Informational Session
The technology transfer process of novel technologies can be complex. It requires
professionals with a diverse range of qualities and skills to guide innovations further along their development pathway. In the life sciences, skilled tech transfer professionals are highly sought after; however, there is still no clear path into these tech transfer field 
Tech transfer fellowship programs provide just that. These new programs are in demand and offer a combination of education, mentorship, support and practical experience for graduates and postgraduates looking for structured routes.   
In this webinar, past and present fellows from the AUTM Foundation T3 (Tech Transfer Training) Program and the LifeArc-AUTM Technology Transfer Fellowship Program, outline the value of fellows to an office or department, the benefit of such programs and provide insight into how technology transfer offices can prepare to receive a fellow graduate.
Learning Objectives: 
  • Demonstrate the need and benefits of TT fellowship programs. 
  • Provide information on the AUTM Foundation T3 and LifeArc-AUTM TT Fellowship programs. 
  • Provide firsthand experience from current and past fellows. 
  • Share advice for any applicant planning to apply to a fellowship program.
Presenters : 
  • Moderator: Anji Miller, Senior Business Manager, LifeArc  
  • Dr. Maithili Shroff, University of New Hampshire Innovation, LifeArc-AUTM Fellowship Graduate 
  • Dr. Judit Csere, Barts Cancer Institute, Current LifeArc-AUTM Fellow 
  • Dr. Lucia Coral, IRCCS Centro di Riferimento Oncologico, Current LifeArc-AUTM Fellow 
  • Dr. Katie Kuhns, LSU Health New Orleans, AUTM Susan Riley Keyes Fellow Graduate 
  • Devinder Moudgil (she/her), PhD, University of WindsorCurrent AUTM Susan Riley Keyes Fellow
  • Laura Schoppe, Fuentek LLC, AUTM Foundation Board Memeber, Chair