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October 20 - 23, 2024
Portland, Oregon

Courses Offered:
Essentials — Everyone who attends the AUTM Essentials Course, regardless of background or level of experience, leaves with a deeper understanding of the fundamental goals and processes of academic technology transfer.

This course builds the fundamental skills and resources necessary to evaluate inventions and negotiate license agreements. The workshops are designed to follow the full lifecycle of the invention, patenting, and licensing process: evaluation of invention disclosures, triage, patenting, IP marketing, valuation, and license negotiation to established companies and start-ups. The Essentials Course uses a mix of instruction, case discussions and small-group interactions to maximize useful learning and networking opportunities.

Operations & Compliance — AUTM’s successful TOOLS, Compliance, and Agreement Maintenance courses are now under one umbrella known as the Operations & Compliance Course. We’ll cover operations basics and advanced topics in compliance, agreements, and finance, including a National Institute of Standards and Technology iEdison update, third-party ownership considerations and data management.

Small Office — The one-day AUTM Successful Practices in Small Technology Transfer Offices course benefits both those interested in starting new technology transfer offices and those interested in growing an existing small office.

In this course you will:

  • Learn how to make the most out of your small office with limited resources
  • Discuss the current regulatory environment and how it affects small offices
  • Learn successful practices aimed at building strong relationships with stakeholders and faculty
  • Brainstorm with your peers on how to take advantage of the benefits of being a small office

Software — The AUTM Software Course is designed specifically for university licensing professionals who work with software and other information assets. Ideal for both newcomers and experienced practitioners, the course provides an overview of basic principles and a study of best practices, emerging models, and actual cases. You will leave with the tools to handle basic to complex software asset management and licensing situations.

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