Samsung, Virtual Property Division 


Company: Samsung, Virtual Property Division 
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The graphic highlights their area of interest in the pursuit of reducing the carbon, the lifecycle of memories, starting with reducing the use of raw materials and increasing the lifecycle of devices. 

These devices require or require precious metals and silicone, for example, for the memory devices, and Samsung is looking into how to reduce the use of these elements and optimize that use, as well as how to recycle these elements, and how much and what materials to use. 

Obviously, the longer life, the less devices that need to be produced and a smaller carbon footprint. Every device that is made, that doesn't meet the qualifications and quality control adds wasteful optimization. Samsung is working to level the devices so that they don’t prematurely fail before they’re fully utilized. They’re looking at reducing resources and resource usage like power and waste, that includes during the production of these devices, as well as during use of the devices. They’re considering the software layer and how to optimize idling of devices, the power consumption and having the right mix of devices to avoid using more power than needed and how to scale efficiently.  

The general space is of great interest to Samsung, which is looking for collaborations in the form of either sponsored research, collaborative research and development and potentially acquired for solutions.