Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology- America and Samsung Semiconductor 

Company: Samsung 

Contact: Yan Eric Wang 
R&D Lead in Cambridge, Mass. 
[email protected] 


 Samsung SDI, the battery manufacturing company, is working to identify, investigate and perform research and development for next generation battery technologies with application in electronics and grid-scale energy storage.  

For lithium-ion batteries, they’re looking to improve energy density: improved lifecycle with less voltage and finding solutions for fast-charging for next gen solid state batteries. They’re considering inorganic solid-state electrolytes with desired performance and also enable the use of solid castled compensate and lithium metal anode. They prefer non-toxic materials with a mechanical ability that can help with scaling up of the battery manufacturing.  

“We are also interested in new technologies that can enable the new next generation battery processing with low cost and scalability.” - Yan Eric Wang, Samsung