Company: USABC -  United States Advanced Battery Consortium 

Contact: Meng Jiang, Chair of the Technical Advisory Committee 
Meng Jiang [email protected] 
Maureen Lahote [email protected]  

USABC is essentially a funding agency that supports the development of the energy-storage types of technologies that will facilitate the commercialization of electric vehicles.  

What they’re after: 
They’re interested in the development of advanced technologies to enable high energy density, low cost fast traveling energy storage systems. For this area, they’re looking for technologies that are cost-efficient, environmentally friendly, that can also provide exceptional product quality.  And the battery supply chain development - looking for technologies that can produce materials with lower cost, environmental system sustainability, and enhanced performance.  

“If you have a technology, which you have proved in the viability of your lab, and you want to further develop into the product, that is interest of the auto, automotive OEMs, please consider working with us.”  - Meng Jiang