AUTM Updates

AUTM Honors Technology Transfer Volunteerism and Scholarship with Awards at 2023 Annual Meeting

AUTM this week recognized award and scholarship recipients at its 2023 Annual Meeting. This year’s honors include:

  • The Bayh-Dole Award, which recognizes those who work to foster and promote intellectual property activities on behalf of the university and non-profit community. The winner of this year’s award is Orin Herskowitz, Senior Vice President of Applied Innovation and Industry Partnerships at Columbia University and Executive Director of Columbia Technology Ventures.
  • The Chair’s Award, which recognizes outstanding and lasting contributions to AUTM. This year’s recipient is Kirsten Leute, who is a Partner, University Relations, at Osage University Partners.
  • AUTM’s Volunteer of the Year Award, which recognizes AUTM Members for their leadership and outstanding service to our community. This year’s winner is Nidhi Sabharwal, Senior Assistant Director of Business Development and Licensing at The Rockefeller University.
  • AUTM’s Howard Bremer Scholarship, which supports students and emerging professionals pursuing careers in technology transfer. Named to honor a pioneering member of the Association, the scholarship is awarded to those who — like Howard Bremer — strive to bring creativity and innovation to the profession. This year’s winners are:
    • Christopher Sue, Cedars-Sinai Technology Ventures
    • Quentin Gerard Booker, Mayo Clinic
    • Elizabeth R. LaFave, East Carolina University