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So What is Tech Transfer?

Universities and research institutions are fertile ground for inventions that change the way we live. Google, vitamin D-fortified milk, life-saving vaccinations, cancer treatments — they are just a few of the thousands of inventions that each year make the world a better place. But having an idea — even a revolutionary one — isn’t enough. Universities and research institutions need help growing and advancing those discoveries to a final product or service — and that is where technology transfer professionals fit in, working with inventors to protect, promote and commercialize their ideas.

Tech Transfer is key to:

  • Prototyping and developing the next life-changing innovation
  • Developing academic-corporate alliances on ground-breaking research projects
  • Forming, incubating, and positioning for success the 1000+ start-up companies launched annually from academic research
  • Read a lot more about it here
Or watch this awesome video that's sure to answer many of your questions.

Ready for a career in tech transfer?
Super. Get in touch with your University's Tech Transfer office. Do you live outside North America? That office might be called Knowledge Exchange. Consider visiting AUTM's Career Center for job postings or our Learning Center to manage your tech transfer education.