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USPTO AI Patent Initiatives
Learn how the USPTO is addressing recent advances in AI that pose newfound questions for IP law, policy, and examination procedure.

Date: April 16, 2024 (Tuesday)
Time: Noon (ET)
Cost: Members $0, Non-Members $225

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Innovation Ambassador Program: Empowering Faculty to Help You Help Them
As academia sees a rise in large-scale research consortia, public-private partnerships, and multi-sectoral collaborations, the role of research management will become as important as the research itself to ensuring timely, successful outcomes.

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Holistic Approach for Successful Commercialization of Research Outputs
What if you could train your faculty to be your front-line eyes and ears — essentially an extension of your office in the field? Learn how several universities have developed an Ambassador program at their institutions for training select faculty to provide their colleagues with peer-delivered information and guidance related to innovation and entrepreneurship across campus.

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The AI-Enabled TTO
Discover how AI streamlines TTO workflows and automates routine tasks, freeing staff to focus on strategic initiatives. This webinar explored the potential of AI-driven tools in analyzing market trends, assessing competitors, valuing intellectual assets, and ensuring compliance. It presented a compelling case for how these tools can facilitate faster decision-making and improve resource management, especially for small offices.

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