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VC & TTO Term Sheet for Early-Stage Life Science Startups

Date: February 2 (Thursday)
Time: Noon – 1:15 PM (ET)
Cost: $0 Members, $225 Non-Members

After two years of work, a group of individuals from leading university tech transfer offices (Columbia, Duke, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Stanford, Indiana University, University of Michigan, University of Kentucky, University of Pennsylvania, Yale), venture capitalists (VCs) (5AM, Atlas, Omega Funds, OUP, Polaris, RA Capital, Venrock), and law firms (Cooley, Goodwin, and Wilson Sonsini) released a new term sheet template for early-stage life science startups emerging from academic research labs.

The panelists will discuss how the effort got started; the biggest sticking points in the negotiations; what the VCs learned about tech transfer offices and vise versa; and our hopes for how this will get used by AUTM and NVCA members going forward to help life-saving and life-improving innovations get from the research lab to the market as quickly and effectively as possible.

iEdison Utilization Reporting Update

Date: February 9 (Thursday)
Time: Noon – 1:15 PM (ET)
Cost: $0 Members, $225 Non-Members

Utilization reporting provides funding agencies with valuable information on the outputs of their extramural research programs. They allow the agencies to track successes, ensure compliance with specific statutory requirements, and realize the full impact of federal funding and the return on investment for taxpayer investment in research. 

Recently the Interagency Working Group for Bayh-Dole (IAWGBD) has agreed to make specific changes in utilization reporting, which will go into effect on October 1, 2023. At that time, all agencies participating in iEdison will begin asking for annual utilization reporting. Additionally, the IAWGBD is developing a standard set of questions, modeled after the existing questions, to be asked by every participating agency. However, each agency can ask for supplemental questions related to inventions made with funding from that agency. 

Join this webinar, led by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), where we will go over these changes in more depth, discuss how iEdison is being updated in association with these changes, let awardees know how they can prepare for the changes, and answer questions.

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