Our Partnership with the FLC

AUTM and the Federal Laboratory Consortium

AUTM provides support to the Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) under a cooperative agreement to enable federal technology transfer.  

AUTM works with the FLC and its member agencies and labs to collaborate with academia and industry on the development of outreach and educational programs, tools, and best practices that will enhance the ability of the academic and private sectors to engage with federal labs in technology transfer and research commercialization.

AUTM helps the FLC in areas of technology transfer and research commercialization by:
  • developing tools and services to promote the use of federal intellectual property, facilities,and other R&D resources by non-federal partners, 
  • creating an education and training infrastructure in technology transfer for the relevant stakeholders, and
  • engaging the industry, academic and state and local government communities to facilitate access to Federal R&D collaborations and federal technology transfer opportunities on both a regional and a national level.   
More information about the partnership between AUTM and FLC is available here