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We've put together some resources that will give you a high-level overview of tech transfer and AUTM. Really just want to do an interview with AUTM leadership? Get in touch.

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Driving the Innovation Economy
AUTM partnered with BIO to report on the economic contribution of academic patents. The study documents the sizeable return that US taxpayers receive on their investment in federally-funded research. 

Licensing of academic patents has contributed up to $1.9 trillion to the US economy and supported up to 6.5 million jobs. Find out more by downloading the AUTM BIO report.

AUTM Licensing Activity Survey
Each year, AUTM conducts its Licensing Activity Survey to collect detailed information on research funding, the impact on innovation, patent activity, licensing income, and the number of startups, as reported by AUTM members. If you want to take a deep dive, you can request copies of AUTM’s Licensing Activity Survey data and/or guest access to STATT — a searchable, exportable database of more than 30 years of academic licensing data collected by AUTM from participating academic institutions.

Learn how technology transfer continues to be an important driver of impressive gains for local, state and national economies. Download the latest Annual Licensing Activty Report.


Discover how academic technology transfer is driving the innovation economy and benefiting society. Download and share the infographic.


The Better World Project
The Better World Project was founded to shine a light on how innovations that stem from academic research play a key role in supporting positive change around the globe. Since then, we have featured more than 400 stories that show how technology transfer is successfully changing humankind for the better. Search our collection of stories.

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AUTM Annual Meeting
Each spring, AUTM hosts the largest meeting of academic technology transfer professionals worldwide. More than 1,800 technology transfer professionals gather for networking, professional development, speakers and 90 sessions on academic research commercialization. Learn more and attend.

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