What's in Your Toolkit?

Advocacy Toolkit
Sample letters to help you communicate your needs in Washington, DC.

Director’s Toolkit
For an overview of technology transfer and the impact it has on the innovation ecosystem.

EDI Toolkit
This toolkit includes valuable reading, videos and assessments to enhance the effectiveness of EDI protocols within the technology transfer ecosystem.

Global Health Toolkit
Includes AUTM position papers and articles on global health issues.

Marketing to Industry Toolkit
These Marketing Tips and Toolkits are designed to make identifying and preparing for university/industry partnerships easier for everyone.

Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) Toolkit
This easy-to-use decision tree to can help you select the appropriate agreement.

Recognition Week Toolkit
Get tips on how you can inform researchers, policymakers and other stakeholders about the contributions of tech transfer professionals.

TTO-VC Term Sheet Toolkit
Access an editable template to speed the way for startup creation.

US-BOLT Climate Term Sheet​
The streamlined term sheet for launching climate-related startups from universities and venture capital firms aims to expedite negotiations, potentially accelerating the market entry of new climate solutions.

Women’s Inventor’s Toolkit
Its purpose is to provide Technology Transfer Offices with information geared toward supporting women in STEM and entrepreneurship.