AUTM Salary Survey

Tracking Pay and Mapping Careers in Tech Transfer

The AUTM Salary Survey is the industry’s best tool for everything from tracking compensation to mapping careers in technology transfer. Whether you run the office, license technologies or direct start-ups, you’ll discover the key trends and factors driving compensation for your career path. 

AUTM FY2022 Salary Survey
The FY2022 Salary Survey saw some exciting upgrades to the way we report Survey data. Rather than the data being presented as a static report (PDF), you will now have access to a user-friendly database that will allow you to create your own reports based on the positions and variables that matter most to you. Click on the 2022 Salary Survey to learn more!

Sponsorship Opportunities
For information about how to become a sponsor, email Casey Annunziata, AUTM Sponsorship Manager, or call +1-202-960-1782.