2018 Licensing Activity Survey

Add Your Data. Measure Your Success.

The AUTM Licensing Activity Survey, one of the most effective tools to inform your stakeholders, influence policy makers and educate the general public, is open. And it’s time for you to submit your data.
Submit Your 2018 Licensing Data

Why participate?

When you add your institution’s data to the Survey, you’re helping yourself and your technology transfer colleagues. You’re writing the story of how tech transfer boosts local and national economies and improves lives through discoveries made within academic research.

But the Survey is only useful if it’s complete. It’s only complete if research institutions submit their data. You don’t want to be left on the sidelines.

You can submit your institution’s data by visiting the survey website. Participate and you’ll receive free access to the STATT database and a complimentary copy of the finished report (a value of up to $900). The deadline has been extended to Friday, April 19.

If your institution is new to the survey or there's somebody new handling your response, please contact AUTM.