2022 Salary Survey

The AUTM Salary Survey is the industry’s best tool for everything from tracking compensation trends to mapping careers in technology transfer. These metrics are invaluable for TTOs looking to staff up and tech transfer professionals in search of new career opportunities.
Whether you run the office, license technologies, direct startups or hire the people who fill those roles, you’ll discover the key metrics and other variables driving compensation in tech transfer. 

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Key Findings from the 2022 Salary Survey
The AUTM 2022 Salary Survey gathered data from 121 research institutions on 10 of the most common tech transfer positions. The resulting database includes salary statistics as well as institutional characteristics (region, office size, remote work options, incentive compensation) and individual characteristics (educational degree, gender, experience, number of direct reports).
The key findings of the 2022 Survey include:

  • Of the 1,031 tech transfer professionals for whom data about gender was provided, 53.5% were female. However, men were more likely than women to hold leadership positions (62.6% of directors and 61.1% of assistant or associate directors were male).
  • For seven of the 10 positions analyzed, median salaries were 7% to 19% higher for men than for women. The median salary for the in-house counsel position was 17% higher for women than for men, and the salaries for assistant/associate directors and administrative assistance did not differ significantly between genders.
  • The tech transfer profession has experienced significant job turnover in the last several years: Of the 1,049 people employed as tech transfer professionals at the time of the survey, 46% (496 people) had been in their current positions for three years or fewer. That level of experience included 72% of marketing managers and 71% of licensing assistants but just 29% of directors and in-house counsel positions.
  • Of the 121 institutions surveyed, 99 permit hybrid working and 50 permit their employees to be primarily remote (46 offer both options). At institutions where hybrid work is permitted, on average, 67% of the office staff choose this option. At institutions where primarily remote work is permitted, however, the staff opt-in rate for that arrangement is much lower—an average of 33%.
  • Of the 121 institutions surveyed, 34% said they consider whether a candidate has a CLP (Certified Licensing Professional) or RTTP (Registered Technology Transfer Professional) designation when hiring.
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The 2022 Salary Survey features exciting upgrades to the way survey data is reported. Rather than the data being presented as a static report (PDF), you will now have access to a user-friendly database that will allow you to create your own reports based on the positions and variables that matter most to you.

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