Volume 2

Managing a Technology Transfer Office

Volume Two: Managing a Technology Transfer Office offers more than 20 chapters that explore topics such as the various TTO models, finding and keeping staff, managing equity, data and records management, and agreement monitoring.

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Managing a Technology Transfer Office

A Philosophy of Licensing and Technology Transfer for Academic and Nonprofit Research Institutions 
Mark Crowell

Technology Transfer Office Models: An Introduction
Catherine Innes

Technology Transfer Office as a Business Unit
Christopher C. Capelli, MD

Managing Technology Transfer at a Large State Institution: The University of California at Los Angeles
Andrew Neighbour, PhD

Managing a Medium-Sized Technology Transfer Office
Bruce Wheaton, PhD

Avant-Garde Technology Transfer at a Midsize, Private University
Michael Batalia, PhD

The University of Virginia Patent Foundation: A Midsized Technology Transfer Foundation Focused on Faculty Service, Operated Using a Deal-Based Business Model
Robert S. MacWright, PhD, Esq.

The Technology Transfer Unit for the University of Washington: An Internal Technology Transfer Office at a Public Research University
James A. Severson, PhD

Managing Equity Obtained via Technology Licenses
Gregory W. Hauth

Strategies for Managing Internal and External Constituencies
Patricia Weeks

The Art and Science of Negotiation
Jill Sorensen, Terence McElwee, Robert MacWright and Pamela Cox

Finding, Keeping and Nurturing Staff

Recruiting and Retention Strategies for Technology Managers
Leah Nelson Guay, MBA

Administration of Large and Small Technology Transfer Offices
Robin Rasor and Page Heller

Professional Development and Advancement for Licensing Staff
Nita Lovejoy

Data and Records Management and Records Retention

Data Management
Connie Cleary and Mike Bohlmann

Beyond Negotiations: Agreement Monitoring
Mary M. Kleis

Avoiding the Avalanche: Records Management Techniques for Improving Workflow in Technology Transfer Offices
David R. Sadowski

Monitoring License Agreement Financial Compliance and Auditing
Debora R. Stewart, CPA, and Judy A. Byrd

Working with Patent Counsel and Managing the Patenting Process
Stephen P. Auvil, MBA, and Wendy C. Martin, MBA

Electronic Management and Tracking
Sandeep J. Agarwal

Record Retention for University Technology Transfer Offices
Richard A. Brandon, JD, and Robert M. Gerstein, JD

Pertinent Policies

Institutional Technology Transfer Policies

  • Comprehensive Intellectual Property
  • Conflict of Interest Within Institutions (Faculty Consulting, Conflict of Commitment)
  • Copyright and Software
  • Equity
  • Faculty (Visiting Scientist and Sabbaticals, Entrepreneurial Leave, and Faculty Evaluation)
  • Material Transfer Agreements, Tangible Research, and Research Tools
  • Patent, Outside Counsel, Conflict of Interest with Counsel, Ownership Back to Inventors, and Royalty Sharing
  • Record Retention and Management
  • Sponsored Research
  • Startups
  • Trademark


Managing Student Intellectual Property Issues at Institutions of Higher Education: An AUTM Primer 
Abigail Barrow, PhD La Royce Batchelor Alex Breger, JD Nathalie Duval-Couetil, PhD, MBA Latanya Scott Jeffrey Skinner, PhD, MBA, RTTP Phyl Speser, JD, PhD, RTTP and Phil Weilerstein