Volume 4

Managing Special or Complex Issues

Volume Four: Managing Complex/Special Issues covers more in-depth or advanced technology transfer and licensing topics. If you need sample startup documents, advice on how to perform a license agreement royalty audit or some other non-everyday issue, this is the place to find the information you need.

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Advanced Technology Transfer Topics

Invention Triage
Harl R. Tolbert

Use of Consultants in Technology Transfer
Sudeep Basu, PhD, and Reggie Taylor

Research Tools Policies and Practices: Perspective of a Public Institution
Uri Reichman, PhD, MBA, Susan E. Ano, PhD, and Steven M. Ferguson, MBA, CLP

Data Security and Privacy: Into the Breach
Martha Lessman Katz, JD, CIPP, CLP

A Brief Overview of the Federal Regulatory Approval Process for Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices and Biological Products
Mark G. Bloom, JD, CLP, CRCP, RTTP

Hidden Technology Transfer
Elizabeth Hart-Wells, PhD

Advanced Licensing Topics

Anatomy of a License Agreement
Kirsten Leute

Overcoming Objections to License Terms
R. Page Heller, PE

Building a Successful Trademark Licensing Program
Everett E. Fruehling, JD

Policies and Procedures for the Distribution of Licensing Income
T. Allen Morris, PhD, MBA, CLP

Performing a License Agreement Royalty Audit: A CPA's Perspective
Brett Brandenberg, CPA, CFA, ASA, and Daniel Wetzel, CPA

Entrepreneurial Activities

Documents for Spin-Outs and New Ventures
Walter Earl Bissex, JD

Funding for University Startups
David B. Lerner and Andres Soto

Venture Funding for the University Startup
India Vincent, JD, and April McKenzie Mason, MBA, JD

Advanced Intellectual Property/Bayh-Dole-Related Topics

Understanding Patent Preparation and Prosecution
Matthew S. Rudd, JD, and William E. McCracken, JD

Research Tool Patents: Have Reports of Their Death Been Greatly Exaggerated?
Christopher E. Jeffers, PhD, JD, and Lawrence J. Carroll, PhD, JD

Patent and Other Intellectual Property Donations
Lora Mae Frecks, MPA

Research Discoveries after Kubin
Nancy W. Vensko, JD, and Steven M.

Intellectual Property Clustering
Andrew R.O. Watson, PhD, and Angus Livingstone

The Intersection of Intellectual Property and Bankruptcy Law
Peter J. Toren, JD

Comparison of National Innovation Systems in China, Taiwan and Singapore: Is Bayh-Dole One-Size that Fits All?
Stephen W. Chen

Technology Transfer in the Social Context

Aligning the Activities of a Technology Transfer Office with the Social Mission of a Life Sciences Research Institute in Portugal: Opportunities and Challenges for a New Office
Ana Margarida Prado, PhD, David Cristina, PhD, and Tania Bubela, PhD