EDI Toolkit

Guidance and Resources to Establish Best Practices in Tech Transfer

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) initiatives provide several advantages in the worEDI-Toolkit-Cover-(1).pngkplace such as increasing employee satisfaction, promoting teamwork, providing a sense of belonging, retaining talent and acquiring knowledge that fosters technological advancement. Statistics show heterogeneously demographic teams outperform homogenous groups in the areas of innovation, creativity and complex problem resolution.

This toolkit includes valuable reading, videos and assessments to enhance the effectiveness of EDI protocols within the technology transfer ecosystem. Developed by AUTM’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, it was created to guide AUTM Members and those in the technology transfer field in identifying opportunities to expand the success of their initiatives.
The toolkit has three objectives:
  • To promote inclusion and awareness to create an equitable membership reflective of today’s world.
  • To encourage dialogue to inspire Members to bring the values of EDI to their personal and professional interactions, and 
  • To share best practices, data, guides, and resources to help AUTM, tech transfer/knowledge exchange professionals, and others to advance their EDI efforts.

This toolkit is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to diversity and inclusion; rather, it is focused on resources and tools relevant for the tech transfer field. It is a living document that will evolve as new resources, best practices and other information become available.You can use this toolkit in a myriad ways. Primarily, this resource can be used to help improve engagement through a greater understanding of individual experiences. 

We hope it will help, inspire and be shared.