Tech Transfer Recognition Week Toolkit

Help Recognize the Contributions of Tech Transfer Professionals

There are many ways you can advocate on behalf of the tech transfer profession, both inside and outside of your institution. During the December anniversary of the Bayh-Dole Act (put in effect on Dec. 12, 1980), AUTM encourages you to join other institutions to celebrate Recognition Week and the contributions of the tech transfer profession: Inform researchers, policymakers and other stakeholders about who you are, what you do, and how you transform ideas into opportunities.

  • Raise awareness of the contributions of tech transfer professionals
  • Engage stakeholders from the univeristy, government, industry and public
  • Encourage inventors to engage tech transfer offices to commercialize their innovations
  What You Can Do
  • Host an open house or set-up in a public area of offer refreshments and quizzes about the profession
  • Advertise upcoming workshops and/or exhibitions illustrating the benefits of tech transfer
  • Share success stories:  startups and related jobs, sales and patient impacts
  • Launch a social media campaign
    • Post on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with the tags: #IAmTechXfer #Bayh-Dole #autm
    • Start a discussion on LinkedIn
    • Produce interviews, videos or podcasts featuring successful inventors
  • Engage your institution’s media office to promote tech transfer and the work of your institution
    • Release stories, studies, statistical data or surveys about tech transfer's impact
Past Recognition Week Open Houses

Sample Social Media Posts to Share the Love (less than 280 characters)
  • Celebrate #AUTM Technology Transfer Professionals Day, Dec. 12
  • Celebrate the enactment of the #BayhDole act by recognizing the #techtransfer professionals that have helped bring ideas and #innovation to life. Why not show your appreciation and say hi at your local #TTO!
  • On Dec. 12 in 1980, it was decided that the people most passionate about their #inventions should retain ownership over those inventions – not the federal government. Happy birthday #BayhDole! #techtransfer #AUTM
  • As a #techtransfer professional, I help to ensure that the #research funded by the people, benefits the people. Happy birthday #BayhDole! #IamTechXfer #AUTM

Download Art

Download the Happy Tech Transfer Day art and share with your friends and colleagues.

More  Media Samples to Make Your Own (more than 280 characters)
  • Celebrate Technology Transfer Professionals Day — You are encouraged to celebrate the AUTM Technology Transfer Professionals Day on December 12. This date celebrates the work of tech transfer professionals and the anniversary of Bayh-Dole Act (1980) which dramatically expanded the profession and promoted the process by which basic research is transferred to companies for development and commercialization into products that benefit society. Reach out and get to know your tech transfer professionals and learn more about disclosing inventions, the licensing process, and ways to partner. Contact (someone in your office at ####) for more information.
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