Providing Direction to Achieve Goals

Our Association is driven by our mission and values and largely measured by our success in achieving goals. Good governance provides the vision and direction to ensure that AUTM is on the right path. The responsibility for governing our Association rests with our volunteer Board of Directors, operating according to the bylaws approved by membership and working in close collaboration with AUTM’s CEO to set strategic direction, provide necessary resources, and make key decisions that the Association’s staff then implements.

AUTM’s current, amended, bylaws were approved on March 7, 2020. View or download them here.

Certificate of Incorporation
The amended and restated Certificate of Incorporation for AUTM was filed with the State of Connecticut April 3, 2015, and may be downloaded here.

AUTM develops and adopts policy statements to guide the work of the organization and to maintain high standards of integrity and practice among its members. View policies