EDI Toolkit

AUTM Biennial Demographic Survey

AUTM’s 2022 Demographic Survey of Technology Transfer Professionals was conducted to gain a better understanding of the diversity of not just the Association’s Membership, but the tech transfer field. This survey was shared globally via technology transfer organizations.

The Survey was designed with three goals in mind:
  • Establish a baseline for the demographics of AUTM’s Membership and the tech transfer profession
  • Assess the perceived career impacts of individual’s specific demographics, and
  • Inform AUTM EDI strategy.
Each of these goals relates to our current understanding of equity, diversity, and inclusion in tech transfer, and also provides a foundation for future assessments. 

Find the 2022 Demographics Survey Executive Summary here.

Based on the collective findings, AUTM will continue to explore opportunities for creating additional programming and content focused on equity, diversity and inclusion efforts and opportunities; increasing the diversity of leadership development opportunities, including the Board of Directors and event speakers; and providing additional support through mentoring programs and financial initiatives.

Feedback from 2022 Survey participants also will inform the next Demographic Survey, expected to be completed in 2024/2025.