Start-Up Resources Package

Start-Up Resources Package 

This package contains training from AUTM Annual Meetings and Online Professional Webinar trainings and includes two relevant chapters from the AUTM Technology Transfer Practice Manual. 

AUTM's Start-Up Resources Package is designed to broaden skills and inspire creativity. The baker’s dozen package of 13 webinar and Annual Meeting session recordings covers a wide variety of subjects from the most respected leaders in technology transfer.

Whether you’re just beginning work on the next big thing, or are well into the process, this investment in training will be there all day, every day and is sure to become your office’s go to resource for virtual tech-transfer know-how.

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Package includes:
Accelerating the Accelerators: Founding and Growing Start-Up Incubators
This interactive panel and audience discussion compares incubator, accelerator and ecosystem best practices across a range of characteristics including public versus private universities, urban versus rural settings, and robust versus emerging regional start-up cultures.

Building Your Start-Up Ecosystem
Learn what TTOs can do to encourage entrepreneurship, including providing entrepreneur education, attracting early stage capital, building incubation and commercial lab space and leveraging policy initiatives to encourage new companies.

Engaging Faculty in the Start-Up Process
This panel discussion focuses on key messages potential faculty founders should hear before they build a company, including time commitments, conflicts of interest, selection of co-founders and a CEO, and financial expectations.

Founders and Initial Equity Distribution for Start-Ups
Covers equity distribution for founders of start-ups based on IP. Key issues are highlighted and best practices are recommended. Learn what worked, what didn’t and why. 

Key Elements of a Supportive Ecosystem for Universities
Explore key elements for supporting the identification, formation and growth of start-ups spinning out of university IP.

Not Your Mother's Biotech Start-Up
Panelists who view the landscape from different perspectives discuss how VCs and companies fund research at universities and The latest start-up developments.

Talent Matching for Academic Start-Ups
Learn how institutions can create talent matching programs and provide insight on how working across several institutions can lead to more and better matches.

Talent to Technology: Is Entrepreneur Talent the New Patent
As the number of start-ups from universities increases, so does the rate at which university start-ups fail. Often the institution's research is broader than the accessible pool of entrepreneurial talent. Explore how to reach would-be entrepreneurial executives and more acutely match them with start-ups.

Technology Transfer Practice Manual Chapters
Now including two valuable, relevant chapters from AUTM's Technology Transfer Practice Manual, "Funding for University Startups" and "Documents for Spin-Outs and New Ventures."

Understanding Equity and Equity-Related Terms (Parts 1 and 2) 
A deep dive into equity-related provisions, including equity types, convertible notes, SAFEs, stock options and warrants, cap table structures, anti-dilution rights and more.  

Valuation: Start-Up Issues
Listen as presenters discuss issues specific to licensing start-ups, such as taking equity as partial consideration for the license. Culled from AUTM’s Valuation webinar series.

VCs Talk Back: Talking TTO Tactics
Senior leaders from prominent VC firms discuss the best ways to get potential projects on a VC’s radar, common challenges VCs face when working with university TTOs, and what research institutions should do to get their start-ups "VC ready." 

What Support Can TTOs Provide to Faculty-Driven Start-Ups
The role of most TTOs have advanced significantly beyond filing patents and consummating license. This session highlights those added roles and provides pertinent examples.