Detailed Agenda

Basics of Tech Transfer for Research Staff

Detailed Agenda:
Basics of Technology Transfer 95-minute recording
Are you new to technology transfer? This webinar will help you hit the ground running. Hear an introduction to the basics of technology transfer and intellectual property. Discover the fundamental building blocks of technology transfer - from compliance, policy and intellectual property to technology transfer agreements, terms and forms.  
Learning Objectives: 
  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of technology transfer
  • Define and recognize the terms associated with technology transfer
  • Describe the U.S. Patent application process
  • Differentiate between the types of agreements related to Intellectual Property
  • Apply knowledge of licensing to newly developed inventions
Following this presentation, attendees need to complete a section assessment. 
Invention Disclosures: From Cradle to Grave | 57-minute recording 
Avoid the significant problems that can happen when invention disclosures are improperly evaluated or handled. Designed specifically to broaden the knowledge base of administrative and support staff, this in-depth discussion of invention disclosures covers the key points that you can take immediately back to your office to ensure you are obtaining all of the information needed to properly evaluate and handle the decision making process related to the invention disclosures you manage. Attendees will hear examples of successfully handled invention disclosures, problem cases and improper handling. 
Learning Objectives: 
  • Discuss what is a disclosure, why inventions should be disclosed 
  • Teach the different steps within the invention management process
  • Learning what is Prior Art and how can it interfere with an Application
  • Considerations of timing in regards to invention disclosure and federal reporting
  • Learning what is required in a complete invention disclosure, including legal requirements and definitions
  • Understanding the reasons behind why such information is required for steps later in the IP reporting and protection process
  • Understand the requirements behind Bayh-Dole reporting and iEdison requirements 
Following this presentation, attendees need to complete a section assessment and contribute to the course discussion board. 
Patenting 101 | 90-minute recording 
This webinar will address the fundamentals of how to use the patent system to commercialize innovation. We will start with the history and policy behind the patent system. We will then discuss the process and requirements for obtaining a patent, which are important to know when evaluating viability of invention disclosures. Further, we will address strategies for managing a portfolio of pending and granted patents, and for monetizing the portfolio. Finally, we will end with a recorded question and answer section.
Learning Outcomes:  
  • Define a patent 
  • Describe what is considered as Intellectual property 
  • Distinguish the differences between types of U.S. Patents
  • Demonstrate the steps to the U.S Patent Process
  • Determine the requirements for the continuation patent process
  • Recognize and state the financial requirements for filing a U.S. Patent
  • Illustrate the foreign patent filing process
Following this presentation, attendees need to complete a section assessment and contribute to the course discussion board. 
Inventorship: Let’s Help Each Other | 78-minute recording 
It can be frustrating when your researchers don’t understand inventorship. It’s different from authorship, but what does that mean? How can I be an author and not an inventor? What sort of documentation do I need to support my claims? The questions can be endless and time consuming. A panel of attorneys and tech transfer experts will help those new to the profession find answers, and provide an opportunity for more seasoned professionals to share their favorite (or most hair-raising) stories. 
Learning Outcomes: 
  • Support in written form why understanding and knowing inventorship is important.  
  • Differentiate between inventorship, authorship, and ownership
  • Extrapolate the impact of getting inventorship wrong
  • State what researchers can do to help licensing managers spot potential inventorship issues early on.
  • Recognize what kind of documentation that can be kept at a low-cost to help determine inventorship
  • List the key tools your TTO will use to determine inventorship
  • Justify and be able to articulate why someone would or would not have a claim to inventorship
Following this presentation, attendees need to complete a section assessment and contribute to the course discussion board. 
Marketing Successful Practices | 88-minute recording 
Having trouble effectively marketing your technologies? Do you even know where to start? Join university tech transfer office marketing professionals who are setting the bar for best practices. They'll walk you through an overview of the methods the leaders are using to successfully market technologies and track effectiveness. You'll come away with strategies, models and measurement ideas that you can apply in your tech transfer office. Bring your great questions and best practices to share. 
Learning Outcomes:  
  • Recognize the importance of marketing your technologies 
  • Differentiate types of marketing strategies
  • Understand how different offices come together as a whole to bring the technology to the market place 
  • Assess how different models and measurement tools can be applied to your technology
Following this presentation, attendees need to complete a section assessment and contribute to the course discussion board.

Course developed in partnership with Texas A&M Innovation