Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together answers to help with the most commonly asked questions for the AUTM Licensing Activity Survey.

You can also find the 2022 report in the AUTM Store.  
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Yes. Click here to download any purchased Licensing Survey reports from MyAUTM. You can also copy this link:
Definitions of Survey terms can be found here
The Licensing Survey report is based on data that was submitted between February and May 2023. If any Survey participants have notified AUTM of updates to their data since the report was published, those new metrics will be available in the STATT database, which is the gold standard for AUTM Licensing Survey data. Click here to access the STATT database. Or you may copy this link: to access the STATT database.
The 2022 Licensing Survey report only includes data for fiscal year 2022. The best way is to track and compare data across multiple years, Click here to view the STATT database. Or you may copy this link: to view the statt database.