Convince Your Boss

AUTM Annual Meeting

Why Should Your Boss Send You to the Annual Meeting?  

It's never been more important for you to attend AUTM’s Annual Meeting—something that will benefit your office as well as your career. Everyone needs a refresh, be it professional education or a heavy dose of networking. Or both. But will your boss send you to a conference? We hope so. To help get you to AUTM's 2024 Annual Meeting in San Diego, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you convince your boss you need to be there!

It will be the year’s leading technology transfer conference globally. Even virtual, there is simply no other gathering like it for academic and industry professionals. The entire conference is focused on learning, networking and deal-making. And with 2,000+ professionals expected, you are bound to broaden your perspectives on the field, make new connections and cement existing ones. 

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Technology transfer is a learned art. Whether you’re just starting out in the field or have 30 years under your belt, as the profession evolves, there’s always more to know to be competitive. At the AUTM Annual Meeting, we will have more than 90 educational sessions featuring more than a hundred influential experts worldwide. Or take a deep dive with Add-On Courses in Marketing, Negotiations, Tech Valuation and Leadership Communication. Learning from the best will help you stay ahead of the pack — from learning the essentials to more nuanced techniques to sharing your own expertise with others to support our changing profession. If you’re interested in being better at your job, AUTM has you covered. 

The partnering opportunities are invaluable. At #AUTM2024 attendees have the chance to partner for four days with their industry or academic counterparts. During the 2023 Annual Meeting in Austin, nearly 6,000 meetings were scheduled on AUTM Connect. Whether your technology is in pharma, engineering, software, life sciences or another diverse space, one of the greatest attributes of the AUTM Annual Meeting is that we attract dealmakers from around the world. 

See the big picture. With high-profile plenary speakers, and colleagues from all different types of organizations, the AUTM Annual Meeting is a perfect opportunity to expand your perspectives and use that intel to make your office even more efficient and impactful. 

So maybe, the question for your boss isn’t “Can I attend the virtual AUTM Annual Meeting this year?” It’s “Can I afford to skip it?” 

When you get home…. 

Keep Learning. For a year after the conference, you’ll have access to recordings of every session, including the ones you couldn’t attend. 

Keep Networking. Don’t forget all those contacts and meeting notes you captured in our AUTM Connect app. You’ll still have access to your new colleagues when you’re back in the office. 

Keep Benefitting. Joined AUTM for the Annual Meeting discount? Don’t stop there. You can take advantage of the other great Member benefits — eGroup connections to colleagues around the world, free access to the AUTM Tech Transfer Practice Manual, mentors, volunteer opportunities for leadership experience, and so much more. 

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