Amicus Briefs

Getting Involved

As the non-profit leader in support of academic research development, AUTM is regularly invited to participate as amicus curiae for issues that impact the technology transfer ecosystem. If you’d like AUTM to consider participating in your brief (AUTM generally does not author its own), we’ve put together a template to guide you. Meanwhile, if there are other organizations that are planning to prepare an amicus brief (that AUTM might join) in support of your position, please get in touch with AUTM Public Policy Legal Task Force Chair Shelia Kadura.
NOV 2023 Merck Cellect Amicus Brief
OCT 2021 Omni MedSci, Inc., v. Apple Inc.

AUG 2017

Oil States Energy Services, LLC v. Greene's Energy Group, LLC, et al.,

MAR 2017

TC Heartland v. Kraft Foods

APR 2016

Sequenom, Inc., v. Ariosa Diagnostics, Inc., et al.,

FEB 2016

Cuozzo Speed v. Lee

MAY 2013

Lighting Ballast v. Philips Electronics

JUN 2012

AMP v. Myriad

NOV 2011

Mayo v. Prometheus

MAR 2011

Microsoft v. i4i

APR 2010

Stanford v. Roche