Lilly Phenotypic Drug Discovery Initiative

A Model of Open Innovation

Through a partnership with AUTM, Eli Lilly and Company launched the Phenotypic Drug Discovery Initiative (PD(2)), a model of open innovation whereby external research groups can submit compounds for testing in a panel of Lilly phenotypic assays. This initiative addressed the issue of existing compound libraries not necessarily having sufficient chemical diversity to fully leverage a phenotypic strategy.

An expanded scientific program that includes target-based screening (TargetD2) as well as neglected diseases research (Tuberculosis) is now available under the Open Innovation Drug Discovery (OIDD) banner. Visit the program website and be sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions.

Who Can Participate
Participation is limited to investigators working for institutions that are research universities, institutes and small biotechnology companies. International laws regulate Lilly's business relationships, including engagement of government officials or other persons who may be able to influence Lilly's business interests. Therefore, although participation is open globally, Lilly reserves the right to delay or deny affiliation of the interested institution in cases where the type of Institution or regional differences in shipping or other regulations might compromise the spirit and/or integrity of the OIDD program until these issues have been resolved to Lilly's satisfaction.

Benefits of Participation
Participation in the Lilly Open Innovation Drug Discovery program provides investigators and research institutions:
  • Access to highly relevant assay modules and publication-quality biological data to test hypotheses
  • Possibility to establish collaboration with Lilly, and with it an increased access to resources
  • Ability to advance laboratory science