Nine Points to Consider in Licensing University Technology

Nine Points to Consider in Licensing University Technology

The AUTM Board of Directors endorsed the Nine Points to Consider in Licensing University Technology, and invites your institution to do the same. Crafted by leaders at 12 US institutions, they illustrate suggested technology transfer practices. Contact AUTM to add your institution's name.

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2nd Generation Capital Corp

Association of American Medical Colleges

Association of American Universities

Association of Public and Land-grant Universities

Auburn University

Australian National University


BioDiscovery Toronto

Biotec Connect Inc

Biotech Consortium India Limited

Biotechnology Innovation Corporation

Boise State University

Boston College

Boston University

Brandeis University

Cad Center LLC

California Institute of Technology

Cambiotec AC

Carleton University

Carnegie Mellon University

Chan Zuckerberg Biohub

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Children's National Medical Center

City University of New York

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Cornell University

Council on Governmental Relations

Dartmouth College

Drug Discovery Factory

Dublin Institute of Technology - Hothouse

Duke University

Emory University

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

Florida Atlantic University

Florida State University

Fundacion Universidad Del Norte

Hahn Moodley LLP

Harvard University

Henry Ford Health System


Lehigh University

LongTorch Technology Investment Co., Ltd.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mongeon Consulting Inc

Mount Sinai School of Medicine

National University of Science and Technology - Pakistan

Nestle Nutrition

Netherlands Cancer Institute

New Trail Consulting

North Carolina A&T State University

North Carolina State University

North Dakota State University

Northwestern University


Ohio State University

Oregon Health & Science University

Oregon State University

Portland State University

Prekubator TTO

Research Foundation of SUNY

Rockefeller University

Saginaw Valley State University

Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Schepens Eye Research Institute

Semmelweis University, Hungary

Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information, Bratislava

Stanford University

Tokyo University of Science

Trinity College Dublin

Trinity Global Fire, LLC

Tshwane Univ of Technology

Tulane University

UAB Research Foundation

Universidad CESUniversidad CES

Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

University of Alabama Huntsville

University of Brasilia

University of California

University of Chicago

University of Colorado

University of Copenhagen

University of Delaware

University of Florida

University of Geneva

University of Illinois, Chicago

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

University of Louisville

University of Massachusetts, Lowell

University of Michigan

University of Mississippi

University of Nebraska

University of Nebraska, Lincoln

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

University of Nevada, Reno

University of New Hampshire

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

University of Oregon

University of Ottawa

University of Pennsylvania

University of Pittsburgh

University Politehnica of Bucharest

University of Prince Edward Island

University of Puerto Rico

Univeristy of South Africa

University of Southern California

University of Sydney

University of Texas, Austin

University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio

University of Texas Medical Branch

University of Utah, TVC

University of Vermont

University of Washington

Vanderbilt University

Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties Inc

WaikatoLink, The University of Waikato

Washington University in St Louis

Wayne State UniversityWayne State University

Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Wistar Institute

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Yale University