Tech Startup Licensing Issues 

Any university technology license presents challenges, but licenses to technology startups present their own unique challenges. This session will cover the fundamentals in how an institution approaches the structure and contractual provisions of a technology startup license and will discuss how the university can manage critical issues and traps that arise in such agreements. The session will also discuss some of the current pressures technology startups are concerned with, and the pushback to accept from technology startup sand their investors and approaches in how institutions can manage issues. Topics to be discussed include due diligence approaches to licensees, approaches in setting and managing milestones, understanding traps in affiliates, sublicensing and subcontracting arrangements, and other issues. 

Date:  June 4, 2024 
Time: 12 p.m. ET 
Cost:  Members $0, Non-Members $225

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Learning objectives 

  • Learn fundamental issues that arise with a technology startup license.
  • Discuss different approaches an institution can take to address issues with a technology startup. 
  • ​Discuss how to anticipate issues that might arise with a technology startup and address in the licensing agreement.  


Presenter Bio: 

Jeffrey Peterson is a Partner in the Intellectual Property Practice Group of Michael Best and the leader of the Licensing and Technology Transactions Group of Michael Best. A patent attorney with a molecular biology background, Jeff has been doing patent and licensing work for more than 25 years. He has been an AUTM member for more than two decades. Jeff works with several public and private universities on patent and technology licensing matters, as well as a wide variety of companies from technology startups to large corporations that license technology out of universities and federal labs.