AUTM Annual Meeting

AUTM Track System

The AUTM track system is your tool for finding the right session for your particular professional development needs or areas of interest. Select the track and follow it all the way through the Annual Meeting, or move around, picking workshops in several tracks. Personalize your itinerary to meet your needs. This is your meeting.

To view the sessions in each track, click on the track title below.

Administrative/Operations — Designed for professionals responsible for the administration of a technology transfer office and the internal policies and procedures used to maximize the efficiency of day-to-day technology transfer activities and office structures.

Advocacy, Equity and Societal Impact — Focuses on effectively communicating to the world our goals, roles, and successes in the technology transfer field. Covering topics related to

  • legislative advocacy,
  • furthering equity, diversity and inclusion of the different perspectives, approaches, talents and aspirations represented within the tech transfer community, and
  • advancing the societal impact of technology transfer activities.

Global Issues — Provides insights for international technology transfer transactions and agreements, and compares viewpoints of practitioners outside the United States.

Industry/Academic Partnerships — Provides keys to working with industrial partners to build effective collaborations, with a focus on managing and then meeting the expectations of all parties.

IP Trends and Successful Practices — Provides the latest changes to the intellectual property (IP) landscape and their impact on strategies for protection of various forms of IP.

Licensing Successful Practices — Introduces various approaches for addressing common licensing issues and optimizing licensing strategies for academic innovations.

Marketing Successful Practices — Focuses on positioning technologies so that they are visible to a target audience and examines how to use existing and emerging networks and media to market available technologies.

Nuts and Bolts of Technology Transfer — Covers core strategies and best practices for using the disparate skill sets common to the technology transfer professional.

Startups and Gap Funding — Addresses a variety of issues relevant to building and sustaining new ventures, and to bridging the “valley of death,” both in an academic setting and in a related start-up environment.

Other — Addresses specialized topics and knowledge bases not covered by standard technology transfer courses.

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