Marketing Course Instructors

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Marketing Course Instructors

Sara Dagen handles marketing and communications for all of the entities under UF Innovate. On any given day, she might mine news about our startups or innovators to share on social media, edit website content or find a fix for one more glitch, create flyers or documents for events, plan events, or write articles about the exciting happenings at UF Innovate. After joining the UF Innovate team in 2014, Sara worked her way up from a technical editor to the communications manager. In these capacities, Sara is forced to use both sides of her brain, interpreting science speak to communicate to a business audience. Previously, she used both sides of her brain teaching Algebra and English to middle and high school students. She also worked at The Gainesville Sun as a writer and editor. Sara holds a B.S. in journalism and a M.Ed. in educational technology from the University of Florida.

Jacqueline (Jacqui) J. Greene is the Director of Marketing and Communications for UK Innovate at the University of Kentucky (UK). Her focus is to increase brand and service awareness, cultivate critical relationships, market technology, and manage data and metrics. Greene completed her American Marketing Association Professional Certified Marketer (PCM®) certification in August 2020, the Essential Leader Academy in November 2021, and the Essential Leader Program and SUPERvision certifications in 2020 through UK. She is an instructor for the AUTM Marketing Course and a member of the website committee for AUTM. Jacqui is currently the chair of the UK Women's Forum (UKWF) Board and chairs its Awards and Recognition Committee. She is also a member of AUTM and the American Marketing Association.  

Previously, she worked for her undergraduate alma mater, Berea College, for over ten years, first as an event coordinator and then as associate director of communications and marketing for the Alumni Relations office. At Berea College, she managed the website, email and print media, social media, marketing, and alumni and senior events. Jacqui has a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Berea College and a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in management from Sullivan University. 

Chad Riggs began marketing for the Office of Technology Licensing at St. Jude in March 2013. He received his MBA from the University of Tennessee (2006), and founded Mill Creek Holdings, a technology transfer and new technologies consulting firm with clients that include Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Voices Heard Media, Elixir Media Group, 360ip; and VC firms (Innovation Valley Partners, Battelle Ventures, SoHoVista, Aldis, & Academy Funds). He obtained his degree in Engineering Design from East Tennessee State University and was previously employed in 3D design.

Paul Tumarkin, Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications for Tech Launch Arizona (TLA), and his team develop and execute TLA’s marketing strategies, managing the organization’s web and social media presences, marketing the inventions of the University of Arizona, and extending TLA’s reach across the university community, as well as out to the greater business community. Prior to joining TLA, he spent three years with institutional marketing at the UA. 
He made the jump from academia to business in the mid-1990s, gaining experience developing communications and branding solutions for corporations, nonprofits, and agencies alike. He also spent several years freelancing, primarily for clients in the education technology sector. Paul received his BA from Colorado College and his MA in Spanish Literature from the University of California, Irvine.

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