Health and Safety

Your Safety and Wellbeing

To attend this year's Central Region Meeting, you must provide proof of vaccination or a negative test within three days of the start of the Meeting when you pick up your badge at the AUTM registration desk.

AUTM encourages attendees to wear masks during the meeting except when eating or drinking however masks are not required in Texas and may not be worn by hotel staff.

In the vein of transferring technology, not viruses, AUTM is putting into place protocols to keep you and your colleagues as safe as possible at the Central Region Meeting.

  • Attendees will be asked to practice social distancing when selecting seats at Meeting plenaries and panel sessions.
  • AUTM will be instituting a system of colored badge stickers that allow you to signal to others whether you want to be in close contact or remain 6 feet apart (Red…let’s keep our distance. Yellow….elbow bumps are cool. And Green…go ahead, give me a hug).

The situation is, of course, ever-changing and AUTM is monitoring the local and national environment daily. We hope the combination of the local protocols in Frisco and our enhanced safety provisions will make it a comfortable environment for everyone who attends. For information on local government status of COVID-19 and requirements, visit the Frisco COVID-19 News and Resources page.

Test Before You Leave Home: For your own peace of mind, consider taking a COVID test before you depart for Frisco.

AUTM is working to keep everyone safe and allow a much needed Meeting to support the success of you and other tech transfer professionals.