EDI Pride Month & Juneteenth Celebration

June 12, 2024
Noon ET 

In celebration of Pride month and Juneteenth, this watercooler will explore the concept of intersectionality and its importance to Technology Transfer.  Topics to be discussed include:
  • Diverse perspectives – Acknowledging that individuals have multiple intersecting identities which contribute to their experiences and perspectives.

  • Inclusive innovation – Innovation thrives on diverse perspectives and experiences.

  • Equitable access – Intersectionality highlights the interconnected nature of systems of privilege and oppression.  Tech Transfer professionals should consider how systemic barriers and inequalities may affect inventors’ access to resources, opportunities and support.

  • Addressing bias and discrimination – Intersectionality helps uncover and address biases and discriminatory practices that might exist within the Tech Transfer process.

  • Enhancing collaboration and partnerships – Embracing intersectionality fosters collaboration and partnerships with diverse stakeholders.