AUTM TransACT Database

Negotiate Like a Pro

Do you want to improve your negotiations? The AUTM Transactional Academic Comparables Tracking (TransACT) Database is a powerful comprehensive database of transactional terms and conditions designed to improve your agreements. The database provides more useful information than any other source on transactional structures, terms, scope and other relevant details.
  • Use comparable data in negotiations
  • Discover alternative pricing or deal structures
  • Confirm fair market value for transactions

And the database can also help general counsel or other university administrators who are concerned with fair market value and anti-kickback regulations.

Enter Your Deals
If you are an academic institution, enter your deals by visiting the TransACT Database website.

Enter Your Deals

Search for Deals
If you are an AUTM member or have an AUTM login for TransACT, search for deals here.

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Get Access with a Subscription
Subscriptions to the database are available for $2,995 per year. By purchasing a subscription your entire office will get access for a year!

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Academic Waiver 
For academic institutions, the subscription fee can be waived if the academic institution annually enters a certain number of deals into the database. The number of deals to qualify for the subscription fee waiver will vary based on the academic institution's annual research expenditures:

 Institution's Annual Research Expenditures   Deals Submitted to Qualify for Fee Waiver 
 less than $100 million  at least three (3) deals annually
 between $100 million and $300 million  at least six (6) deals annually
 greater than $300 million  at least twelve (12) deals annually
 Enter Your Deals

AUTM contracts with Peerfocus, an independent third party bound by terms of confidentiality to collect the AUTM TransACT data. Participants enter data directly into the database. The data collected is comprehensive so that the full picture of the value included in the deal is understood. However, no information relating to the identity of the licensee or licensor will be collected or revealed, except that the identity of the party entering data will be separately and confidentially tracked by Peerfocus so that credit is given for pricing purposes. AUTM will only receive information from Peerfocus as to the number of licenses entered into the database, no other information. To ensure duplicate agreements are not entered into the database, only academic institutions will be allowed to input data. AUTM is at no time aware of the parties linked to specific data in the database.

If you have questions regarding the AUTM TransACT Database including entering deals or searching, please contact Customer Service or check out our FAQ page.