Bayh-Dole Anniversary A Time to Thank Your Employees

By Steve Susalka, AUTM CEO
As we approach the annual December anniversary of the passage of the Bayh-Dole Act in 1980, technology transfer directors are encouraged to recognize the many contributions of their employees and faculty in advancing the university’s tech transfer activities. 
Monday, December 13 has been designated by AUTM this year as Technology Transfer Professionals Day (#IamTechXfer).  This is an opportunity to not only thank your employees, but also to raise visibility on campus about your tech transfer office, particularly with faculty members who can be reminded to report their discoveries to that office.   
For example, at the St. Jude Research Center Tech Transfer Office in Memphis, such activities in the past have included remarks aimed at faculty disclosure, the licensing process, and ways to partner, participate and generate revenue.   Any recognition on your campus can help generate goodwill and publicize your office’s ability to help faculty spin off their technologies, as well as acknowledge the hard work of your tech transfer team.  For more ideas, check out our Recognition Week Toolkit 
By making the event fun, both employees and faculty can appreciate the benefits of tech transfer and generate more support campus-wide.  It does not need to be expensive or cumbersome.   
Be sure to let AUTM know if you and your office holds such an event, either in December or at other times of the year.  The bottom line is that such activities can help recognize your hard-working employees and faculty that are creating a better world for us all!