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Share Your Research, News & Technologies

COVID-for-AUTM.pngAUTM is in a unique position to serve as a communications hub for the excellent work our global research community is doing to help respond to the pandemic.

And we're asking for your help.

Share Your Research. If you have reagents, technology, or innovations that would help the world respond to COVID-19 in any way, we'd like you to post those on AIM  with the keyword "COVID." Similarly, if you have technologies already in the portal that are applicable, simply tag them with the COVID19 keyword.  If you are not yet a user of AIM, email AUTM's Lauren Phillips at [email protected] and she will help you post the information. There is no cost or AUTM membership necessary to list or to search.

Share News from Your Institution. If you have stories to share about clinical trials or COVID-19 related news from your institution or government lab, email us a link at [email protected], and we'll share it on these pages.

Share on Social and Tag. We're showcasing a dedicated COVID19 Twitter feed to share research innovations and news, aided by our collaborative partners at the Federal Laboratory Consortium, who are featuring government COVID-19 resarch on their site. We hope that you'll use #COVID19Research so that we can all be informed and facilitate the academic-industry partnerships that may help bring a faster end to the pandemic. Please tag #AUTM or #FLC and your home institution to ensure we'll see everything.
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