Special Interest Groups

SIGs: Bringing Together Those With Common Interests

AUTM Special Interest Groups (SIG) bring together AUTM members with a common area of interest within the technology transfer field. SIGs convene as discussion eGroups.
How to Join a SIG       
SIG Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about joining any AUTM SIG, email [email protected].

Administrative Professionals
Hey administrative professionals, here's an opportunity to connect with fellow TTO support staff and be heard! No question is too broad or too limited to post. If you are experiencing it, chances are one of your peers is as well. This is the place to disseminate, collect and share knowledge. Post your creative successes. Get tips and tricks from others in the field. Collaborate and grow via this knowledge repository!

Agreement Maintenance
Agreement maintenance got you down? This SIG will lift you up! Join other tech transfer professionals in discussions related to contract compliance, record keeping, revenue distributions and more. Learn best practices to help your office make the most of resources. Discussions on all processes are welcome. Ask questions – get answers – become the go to maintenance expert in your TTO.

Artificial Intelligence
Join AUTM's latest SIG dedicated to exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and technology transfer. As technology rapidly evolves, so too does the role of AI in streamlining processes, analyzing data, and unlocking new opportunities. This group provides a collaborative space for AUTM members interested in harnessing AI to enhance their tech transfer practices. Whether you're exploring AI-driven market analysis, lead generation, partnership cultivation, or commercialization strategies, we will offer a platform for sharing insights, best practices, and innovative approaches. Don't miss out on the chance to be at the forefront of AI integration in tech transfer.

Keeping your office Bayh-Dole compliant is no small feat. Avoid the pitfalls of complacency, poor record-keeping, time constraints and compliance woes. This SIG is where to share your concerns and share support. Best practices, helpful tips and handy tricks of the trade are literally at your fingertips.

COVID-19 Rapid Response
Share best practices, emerging questions, and tech designs with your peers while helping scientists and engineers address the pandemic by sharing advice on click licensing, no-fee simplified license structures, contract manufacturing, regulatory consultants and other matters. Read all about it.

Diversity and Inclusion 
The mission of this SIG is to foster discussion and understanding of diversity and inclusion as a dynamic strategy to support and advance technology transfer worldwide. More than ever, creating welcoming environments that help people feel valued, included and empowered is essential to success. This is the place to share ideas on how to support the diverse workforce and contribute to global technology transfer. Learn more about AUTM's core values and efforts to move forward toward equality in our world.

Egyptian Region  
Technology transfer is a borderless profession. However, some challenges are region specific. This SIG gathers tech transfer professionals from across Egypt to discuss and share ideas. Bring your questions, help find solutions and mentor others to achieve success.

IP Portfolio   
IP management is complex. This SIG provides a platform for sharing and learning from those who manage global portfolios.

Mexican Region 
Different global regions face issues that are region specific. This SIG brings together tech transfer professionals from across Mexico to discuss and share ideas. Bring questions and help find solutions with your peers and colleagues to benefit all.

Plant and agricultural IP continues to be a hot topic. Here’s where you get the dirt on breeder’s rights, cannabis, crop productivity, genetic engineering and more. Join like-minded individuals who want to share tips and experiences on all types of plant IP. Offer up your expertise, share relevant announcements, or your latest success.

Small Offices
A small office doesn’t mean small ideas. If you are starting a new TTO, or your office is five or less people, this is the SIG for you! From marketing, to licensing, to human resources to legal counsel, you'll find answers to your questions here. Gather best practices that will take your office from good — better — best!

Social Innovation
Turn good ideas into social good. Join this SIG to discover how the innovation ecosystem can tackle the most daunting environmental and social challenges — from climate change to inequities in wealth, healthcare and education. We foster mentorship, guidance and the sharing of best practices in our efforts to increase awareness and engagement of Social Innovation within tech transfer.

Software & Copyright   
This SIG is where you can share ideas, ask questions and help others with challenges and opportunities related to licensing intellectual property covered by copyright law.

Members of this SIG seek ways to protect the environment and health through innovation. Learn best practices for developin effective technology, economic and social policy to move society toward sustainable consumption and renewal of natural resources.

TTO/Classroom Connections
Interested in helping students of tech transfer? Join this discussion of internships, business plan competitions, entrepreneurship and commercialization programs. Discuss and share your ideas, provide feedback, and garner best practices to grow the future of our professions.

VC Relations
This SIG addresses the latest trends and challenges of working with VCs. Topics include various forms of investment (external VC, university-managed VC, angels, venture philanthropy), and is not institution only based — input from VC firms is welcome as well.&

Women Inventors
Research shows that women at universities submit their work to technology transfer offices at a lower rate than their male counterparts. This often has more to do with social norms, networks and support than the patentability of their work. This SIG focuses on those concerns and explores ways of leveling the playing field.