SIG: Frequently Asked Questions

SIG: Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s the low down on our AUTM Special Interest Groups (SIG).

What is a SIG?
SIG stands for Special Interest Group. These are online communities of AUTM Members who share an interest in a particular topic. And while there are many great discussions on our Members Only board, SIGs allow you to take a deep dive on a specific topic.

Who can join a SIG?
Any current AUTM Member may participate in a SIG – no special handshake is required!

Sounds like just what I'm looking for! How do I join?
It's simple. Joining any of our SIGs is managed via your AUTM member profile. Here's what to do:
  • Click on the Login dropdown at the top of the homepage
  • Choose Edit Profile from the dropdown list 
  • On the welcome page, type in your username and password and click the orange sign in button
  • On the Member Profile page, choose the SIG tab
  • Select the box(es) of the SIG(s) you would like to join
  • Click Save at the bottom of the page
  • Allow up to 24 hours for your selections to activate

If you have questions about joining any AUTM SIG, email Arlene DeLaRosa, Members & Community Manager, or call +1-202-960-1803.

The pull down menu in my eGroups says click here to join, but nothing happens. What gives?
You cannot join a SIG via the community pages. To join, you must access your profile on the AUTM website. See the instructions above to make it happen.

May I join more than one SIG?
Of course! We know our members often wear many hats. Enrich your experience by choosing SIGs that are most relevant for you.

I am not receiving notifications from the SIG I joined. How do I check on that?
You have three options for receiving information from your SIG – real time, a daily digest or no email. Set your preference for each SIG via the AUTM eGroup pages. Here's how:
  • Go to the My Profile tab (it’s the last option in the gray menu bar)
  • Choose Member Profile
  • On this new page, click and hold the down arrow on the My Account tab
  • Choose Community Notifications
  • Under Notification Settings, you will see a list of all the Communities to which you belong, including your SIGs
  • Using the drop down menu, choose how you want to be notified by each SIG
  • Be sure to check that your correct email is on file!
  • Allow 24 hours for changes to take effect 
What other settings can I change in eGroups?
You can make your profile as robust as you’d like with many different options to choose from. BTW, don't skip this step, as it's a great way for other AUTM Members to learn more about you.

I have a suggestion for a new SIG. How do I make it happen? 
AUTM has established a set of guidelines for SIGs, including how to start a new one.
View SIG Guidelines
I want to share a fantastic new product/service. May I promote it in a SIG? 
We understand your enthusiasm, but promotion of goods and services is not allowed in SIGs. View our Code of Conduct.