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AUTM Resources Help Navigate Evolving Job Market 

The CHIPS and Science Act is a game-changer for technology transfer on many levels, including potential opportunities for tech transfer offices to add staff under the law’s capacity building provision. But the job market has changed dramatically in the last few years, increasing the value of AUTM resources that can help TTOs train up existing staff or hire new tech transfer pros to handle expanding office workloads.
In addition to the professional development opportunities available through AUTM’s Learning Center, webinars and in-person courses and training events, the AUTM Foundation offers a different option for TTOs looking to prepare current staff members to take on additional responsibilities. The Tech Transfer Career Training Program offers formal training, networking and practical tech transfer experience for early career professionals or those looking to transition into the tech transfer field. Applications are now being accepted for the 2023-2024 cohort of fellows.
Ganga Baskar, who works with startups and entrepreneurs as Program Director for the Innovation Hub at Research Park within Texas Tech University, said her AUTM fellowship in 2021-2022 strengthened her collaborative work with TTU’s Office of Research Commercialization (ORC).  
“As a matter of fact, it was with the support and recommendation letter of TTU’s Commercialization Director that I applied for the fellowship in the first place,” Baskar said. “The fellowship's resources, specifically the Essentials of Technology Transfer Course, Technology Valuation, and Negotiation Courses, provided an in-depth understanding of technology transfer principles, processes and best practices, aligning my work more closely with ORC's mission. Now our relationship has transitioned to a close partnership to optimize the value and impact of university inventions and supporting successful commercialization efforts.”

Rachel Davies, an IP Administrator at Kings College London in the UK and a current AUTM fellow, said a desire to take on new responsibilities was one reason for her interest in the program.  
“The Fellows Program provides me with tools to step up in my current team and be more involved with the projects my more senior colleagues are working on,” Davies said. “I also believe the program is an amazing opportunity to widen my network, which will allow me to build stronger connections between my current TTO and others in the sector.”
For TTOs looking to hire—or professionals looking to be hired—AUTM’s popular Career Center is a good place to start. In addition to posting a job description for 30 days, employers can take advantage of other services to highlight a post, gain access to a resume bank or expand the distribution of a post to a curated network of job boards. Job seekers can search the listings, of course, but can also browse a company directory, sign up for job alerts or receive advice on resume design or career planning.
Looking for a more interactive hiring experience? Stay tuned for AUTM’s upcoming Tech Transfer Training and Talent Expo, a virtual career fair where interviewers and interviewees can explore their compatibility via video conference from the comfort of home—or just about anywhere.
But for many, what’s missing from the hiring process is data—for example, the average salary range for a certain position in a certain geographical area at a certain size institution with a certain work-from-home policy and benefits plan. Given how the market has evolved during and following the pandemic, current information on salaries and related variables is invaluable for employers and job seekers alike to understand the market value of a particular position.
That’s what you’ll find in the 2022 AUTM Salary Survey, which is currently collecting data on compensation relative to a candidate’s education, experience, and certifications as well as an institution’s size, location and technology sector.
“This will be AUTM’s eighth Salary Survey, and it’s really known for providing the industry with data that can help TTOs with hiring and help tech transfer professionals assess whether an offer is fair or not,” said John Miner, Chair of the AUTM Metrics and Surveys Committee. “This year, for the first time, we will be providing the salary data as a database that will allow users to make their own reports based on the positions and variables that are most important to them.”
The data collection period ends on May 26—so there’s still time for your office to participate—and the data will be available this summer.