Convince Your Boss

Why Should Your Boss Send You to the Central Region Meeting? 


We understand. Your office budget is tight and there’s always work in the wings. It’s not always easy to make the case that leaving the office to attend a conference makes sense. But we know it’s a good idea—for many reasons. So, we’ve put together some information to share with your boss on why attending AUTM’s Central Region Meeting is a sound investment. 

Our meeting in Louisville will be the year’s leading technology transfer conference in the region. There is simply no other gathering like it for academic and industry professionals. The conference is focused on learning, networking, and deal-making. And with 140+ professionals attending, you are bound to broaden your perspectives on the field, make new connections and cement existing ones. 

Approval Letter Template

Technology transfer is a learned art. Whether you’re just starting out in the field or have 30 years under your belt, as the profession evolves, there’s always more to know to be competitive. The Central Region Meeting will have educational sessions designed to help you learn the essentials, more nuanced techniques or for sharing your expertise with others to support our changing profession. If you’re interested in being better at your job, AUTM has you covered.  

Face-to-face partnering is invaluable. Central Region Meeting attendees have three days to interact with industry or academic counterparts. After a long break from in-person events, this is more valuable than ever! Whether you are connecting on pharma, engineering, software, medical devices or other diverse technologies, the Central Region Meeting attracts dealmakers.   

See the big picture. With informed speakers, presenters, and colleagues from different types of organizations, the Central Region Meeting is the perfect place to expand your perspectives with intel to make your office even more efficient and impactful.
Session Worksheet

It’s about ROI. No conference can solve all your office’s challenges but investing in your team – giving them the education, partnering, and world-class networking opportunities they need to do more with the tools they have – is a brilliant start. 

Expense Worksheet

So maybe, the question for your boss isn’t “can I go to the AUTM Central Region Meeting this year?” It’s “Can you afford for me to stay at the office?”

When you get home….

  • Keep Learning. Be sure to download all guides and handouts. Implement what you learned.
  • Keep Networking. Capture contacts and meeting notes in our AUTM Connect app. You’ll still have access to your new colleagues when you’re back in the office.
  • Keep Benefitting. Joined AUTM just for the Central Meeting discount? Don’t stop there. You can take advantage of the other great member benefits - eGroup connections to colleagues around the world, free access to the AUTM Tech Transfer Practice Manual, mentors, volunteer opportunities for leadership experience, access to free webinars and so much more.

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